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IU Energy is one of the UK’s leading specialists in energy management with innovative consulting capability, established connections to world-leading reduction technology, tier one arrangements with the top energy providers and access to exclusive financial options for capital funding and intelligent energy buying.

We can help businesses:                                                             Our products and services include:

Secure the most competitive rates for their energy contracts.        Energy Procurement
Become ESOS compliant.                                                               Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)
Review their energy strategy and plans.                                         Energy Consultancy
Identify and implement solutions to reduce their energy                 Energy Management & Reduction
consumption, waste and spend.                                                      Renewables (Biomass & Photovoltaic)
To become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.    Financing options
Access Energy Efficiency Funding

How much energy are you wasting?

Most organisations in the UK are wasting 20p for every pound they spend on energy, even if they operate in state-of-the-art, energy efficient buildings. We can identify exactly how much energy you are wasting, giving you the power to ‘reduce today to invest in tomorrow.’ Call our expert consultants today to give you trusted, independent advice.

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