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Would you like help securing the most competitive rates for your gas & electricity contracts?

With the current volatility in the energy market, it is understandable that many businesses are turning to experienced energy brokers and consultants to provide innovative procurement solutions.


Having a trusted advisor on hand saves businesses time, money and hassle. Due to our in-depth understanding of the energy markets and our favourable relationships with suppliers, we are able to source competitive rates for a wide range of businesses. We will then provide a free quote including the most competitive and suitable options.

1. Saving you time

We understand that finding and comparing energy prices can be time consuming for many businesses. By negotiating on your behalf, we can help you free up valuable time and resources.

2. Our industry knowledge

Our team of highly skilled consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the energy procurement market, which means we know exactly how to help organisations get the most value out of their energy contracts. We have many years experience in this competitive marketplace and have worked hard to build our credibility in the sector.

3. Saving you money

Through our established tier-one relationships with the top energy suppliers, we have access to deals that our competition find hard to match. We present the most competitive options and discuss which is best suited for your business. This process is non-committal and we always look to bring you savings.

4. Making it easy for you

Our aim is to take as much of the hassle away from you as possible. If you decide to go ahead with one of the price plans, we will take care of the paperwork and negotiate with your supplier. This includes terminating your existing supply, submitting contracts, correspondence with suppliers and dealing with any queries.

5. Helping you stay one-step ahead of your competition

By saving time and money on your procurement, you are able to free up resources elsewhere and therefore stay one step ahead of your competition.

6. Account Management – Customer Care

Our dedicated account managers ensure you receive continued support throughout your contract and keep an eye on when your contract is approaching the end date, so you don’t roll onto higher out-of-contract rates.


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This document does not commit you from buying energy from us. It just gives us permission to see if you are on the most competitive rates for your energy spend.

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Please note we work independently from all suppliers and always look to source the most competitive deal for your business. We may be paid commission from the supplier we place you with.

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