Testimonials: Plymouth Argyle & Plymouth Albion

IU Energy specialise in securing the most competitive prices for gas and electricity contracts. Below are testimonials from both local teams after IU Energy helped reduce their energy costs.

Plymouth Albion Rugby Club

“IU sat down and went through all the bills… and in fact saved us £8000 in the first year of doing business”

“We’ve been dealing with IU for a few years and have been a massive help for us… the first time we came into contact on our electricity tariff we were paying way over the odds on the maximum demand, so IU did a bit of analytical work [and] we saved about 40%.

They don’t just deal with you on a one-off basis, they keep in touch, keep working alongside so no hesitation in recommending them.

Whatever money we save on our power goes straight back into the player budget, which helps us get a better squad, better team, better facilities, so it’s very much a partnership”

Plymouth Argyle Football Club

Head of Finance:

“In recent years we have used consultants to manage our utilities spend who in return took a percentage of the savings that we made. On renewal of a 2 year deal for our electric, we contacted IU who came up with the cheapest fuel supplier. They have since looked at our other utility spends for the stadium, offices and our retail shop in Drake Circus. They made significant savings on the electricity bill for the shop and made a 25% saving on the gas account.”

Please see the video below: