Theatre car park lit up efficiently

Client: Plymouth City Council

The Theatre Royal Car Park is a twelve storey car park in the centre of Plymouth.

Project: Relighting of the Theatre Royal car park in Plymouth

Plymouth City council wanted to improve light quality and reduce the cost of lighting the building.

With intentions to improve the efficiency of the car park’s lighting in mind, we monitored the building’s energy use, voltage, current and power factor.  From gaining this in-depth understanding we were able to recommend the budget, technical specification and payback period for the project.

To meet the emergency lighting regulations (BS5489—1.2013) IU Energy had specific LED lights designed and manufactured. Microwave sensors were also installed to ensure the ongoing running costs would be further reduced.

Results: Following the lighting installation the building was monitored for a further week to compare against the pre project figures.

The results showed that the total energy cost dropped by 57.5%.

After the install the car park was then able to meet compliance with new emergency lighting regulations and gained positive feedback from users of the busy facility.