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Think you’re paying too much for utilities? 

IU Energy will compare commercial utility prices from the whole utilities market for you. Get clarity, transparency and complete honesty with IU Energy.

We’re part of the UK’s largest utilities consultancy and that means big buying power with all the top suppliers. Buying power that means you can compare commercial utility prices from the whole market from just one source – IU Energy.



Tired of your high utility bills?

IU Energy will assess which energy efficient and renewable technologies are right for your business. We’ll calculate just what your ROI and profit potential is and we’ll talk to you about things like PPAs. We’ll even point you towards finance options. 

Our team of experts will then design and install your solution. Likewise, we’ll help you apply for Government incentives and tax allowances.

Most businesses waste 20p in every £ they spend on energy.

What effect would a 20%+ energy saving have on your bottom line?

IU Energy will make sure you’re on the most competitive utility tariff, selected from the whole of the market.

Equally, how does the possibility of long-term, low electricity rates through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) sound? Yes, we’re experts on this subject as well.

It goes on – our experts will assess which energy efficient and renewable technologies are right for your business and will design and install them as well.

If you’re a larger company, you might also want to talk to us about our zero-risk Utility Cost Recovery service – to date, we’ve recovered over £450m for our clients.

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For these reasons, start your journey to energy saving and greater profit with award-winning IU Energy


Multi-sector energy saving and energy cost-cutting capability, coupled with 18 years of market and technical experience. Most importantly, net-zero Carbon strategy and likewise, implementation.


Everything you need to know to about IU Energy in a nutshell. Partnering, job opportunities, and of course, our Corporate Social Responsibility activities.


Uptodate news about what energy saving and efficiency means to your business and the planet we share. Ultimately, it affects all of us, to say nothing of your business profitability.


IU Energy is a South-West based, B2B, energy saving and renewable technology consultancy. 

We are also independent energy brokers and part of the biggest energy consultancy in the UK. This means huge buying power, which we apply for you.

Significantly, we are winners of many regional and national awards. Above all, this means you’re in safe hands for your energy needs and your net-zero Carbon plans.

How much energy is your business currently wasting?

IU Energy is a multi-award-winning business, providing comprehensive energy management services to its B2B clients, including energy reduction solutions, renewables and independent energy procurement.


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