Academy School Proves That It Pays To Be Resourceful


The Market Bosworth School (pictured), based in rural Leicestershire, are keen in their efforts towards making continual improvements to the allocation of their budget.


IU Energy and The Market Bosworth School both shared the desire and vision to reduce the school’s energy costs.

IU Energy looked at the school’s bills and liaised with the current supplier to assess if they were getting the most value out of their energy contracts.

From trawling the market and the many options available, IU Energy were able to present a saving of £4,463 for the school’s electricity account alone, of which the school agreed to go ahead with.

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We are very impressed with the savings made on our electricity account. As other schools are aware, making economical, cost-effective decisions to free up funds within the budget, we are being smarter in the way we run our school.

We would highly recommend IU Energy’s expertise to other schools looking to adopt a similar energy policy. We are looking forward to see what further savings IU Energy can source when our gas contracts come up for renewal.


Schools are increasingly facing different pressures and so budget allocation is vital to success. By cutting costs and reducing unnecessary spending, schools can become more efficient in how their money is spent.

Embarking upon their transition to become an 11-16 Academy, the Market Bosworth School has made a positive step in making intelligent, informed decisions.


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