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Boiler Service & Breakdown

Boiler service

Boiler Service, Breakdown and Maintenance Plans

A regular boiler service is critical to keep your plant working efficiently and effectively.

In the case of a biomass boiler, regular servicing is a requirement for the government RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme and to avoid permanent loss of RHI payments you need proof it has been undertaken.

At the same time as IU Energy proposes your new installation, we’ll also offer you a maintenance and breakdown plan.

Our plans cover – 

  • Biomass Boiler service and breakdown
  • Combined Heat & Power service and breakdown
  • Electric Vehicle Charge Point service and breakdown
  • Gas Boiler service and breakdown
  • Heat Pump service and breakdown
  • Solar PV service and breakdown
  • Solar Thermal service and breakdown
  • Voltage Optimiser service and breakdown

Most technologies need routine maintenance and cleaning.  In fact, whatever is installed, periodic maintenance is required for optimal performance. For this reason our plans cover anything we’ve installed.

It’s also a great idea to have breakdown cover, regardless of how reliable your installation is. For this reason, our premium boiler service and maintenance plans offer a 24-hour call-out service, which is particularly useful for an emergency boiler repair.

Breakdown cover for other companies’ installations

If you’re a customer of another company, we’ll still help you. So, if you aren’t yet a client of IU Energy, we are still happy to attend your breakdown. 

Can you come out to my emergency straight away?

If you don’t already have a plan with us, the first time we visit will be during office hours. We will offer you a 24-hour premium plan after we’ve got you back up and running. Breakdowns seldom happen during social hours, so to be sure, 24-hour cover is certainly the wise choice.

Significantly, fixing the breakdowns of plant we did not install is one of our fastest growing services: Gas and biomass boilers in particular.

Why do you cover plant you didn’t install?

Our third-party service has grown fast. This is because the UK is full of installers who have either ceased trading, or who can’t rectify problems with their installations. Protecting the reputation of otherwise reliable technologies is something we see as essential.

What makes your plans so special?

Generally speaking, there are very few energy consultancies that have been trading for 18 years. To put it another way, we have almost two decades of experience, with most technologies.

Another key point is that we don’t use subcontractors. This is often overlooked when choosing an installer, let alone a service company. Subcontractors can be great, but you won’t know if yours is until that crunch moment.

Whatever your service, maintenance or breakdown need, award-winning IU Energy is here. We’ll ensure the reliability and efficiency of your installation and put things right when the need arises.

That’s peace of mind enjoyed by all our clients.

“Thanks for taking over so efficiently after things went very wrong with your predecessor – we all got there in the end – and Andrew and the rest of the lads have been first class: what would we have done without them? Go well.”


Private Client


We have engineers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


One of our fastest growing services is fixing the breakdowns of plant we did not install, fitted by installers that have either ceased trading, or who are unable to rectify problems with their installations. 

If you are a client on a premium service plan, there is an emergency 24 hour telephone number in your paperwork. This connects directly with our on-call team.

If you are a client on a normal plan, you can book an engineer on 01752 26 26 26, during office hours.

If you’re a new client and need help with plant we haven’t installed, we are still happy to help and you can book an engineer during normal office hours on 01752 26 26 26. Our engineer will  attend your property or business as soon as possible, within normal working hours.

The efficiency of your biomass boiler system requires that it is maintained in optimum working order – this means  servicing it annually.

Our trained engineers will carry out the required maintenance operations to help ensure this. It also extends the working life of the boiler; all of this results in lower fuel bills.

We provide both planned maintenance and servicing for biomass systems. As part of our packages, one of our qualified and experienced engineers will attend your property or business to carry out a thorough annual service.

We will also attend your property or business for any reactive / emergency repairs.

This applies to both Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

To keep a heat pump working at peak efficiency, it is important that it is serviced annually, regardless of how it is used, or it may start to use more electricity than needed, thus undoing the COP value and increasing your energy costs, as explained in our heat pump page.

It’s also critical to ensure that the system’s heat exchange fluid – F-Gas – is not leaking, as your system will stop working altogether. External only units must also have their Glycol levels checked annually to avoid frost damage during winter months.

In between services, make sure your heat pump filters are cleaned to ensure they aren’t clogged. Vacuuming away the dust every 3 months is good practice, as is maintaining the area around your outdoor unit to ensure there are no leaves or weeds growing nearby.

You should make sure that your boiler is serviced at least once year, depending on its operating hours. Regular servicing will keep your boiler in good working condition, keep it safe, and limit wear over time. 

If you’re a landlord, it’s a legal requirement. A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer must, by law, check gas appliances and flues annually to ensure everything is safe and sound.

The required checks include boilers, but they also cover other gas appliances such as stoves and fireplaces.

Although harnessing the sun’s energy to power your business saves both money and energy, a damaged or malfunctioning Solar PV panel will undo this. Solar PV should therefore be inspected and serviced annually and as 90% of your generation is during summer months you have limited time to rectify any issues.

Solar PV is inherently very reliable, but a faulty panel needs swift attention – it is only cost-effective when it’s running properly, and like all  clients, you want to see the quickest return on your investment through energy bill savings. 

And of course, a dirty solar PV panel is an inefficient panel, which means you’ll need to use more grid energy than necessary. A few times a year, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris that may collect on them.

Solar Thermal systems require regular maintenance to keep them operating optimally.

Like any mechanical system looking after them correctly will increase both performance and life span. Our standard Solar Thermal servicing follows a checklist to ensure that the system is performing correctly. It includes numerous checks on the solar circuit and a variety of other electrical checks, checks on the pipe-work and insulation, examinations of the controller’s parameters, wiring and functionality and analysis of the cylinder’s position, controls and potential leaks.

Of particular importance is checking the Glycol levels in your system, to ensure it doesn’t suffer frost damage during winter months.

The efficiency of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) enables you to benefit from energy cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. With the right level of aftercare you can expect it to deliver continued reliability and longevity. You should maximise the benefits of CHP by following these steps with your maintenance package:

  1. Protect the gas engine with periodic inspection and servicing.
  2. Boost reliability with condition and performance monitoring
  3. Use live remote monitoring to prevent major problems
  4. Plan a maintenance regime
  5. Define the right maintenance package

Maintenance starts at the project design stage, when consideration must be given to good access for servicing and repair of equipment. CHP operating at part loads will run with reduced efficiency and maintenance costs will increase. That’s why maintenance is imperative to overall cost-efficiency over the system’s lifetime.

When planning your CHP, make an allowance for maintenance downtime at scheduled times – ideally when energy demand is lower than normal. A major engine overhaul is best carried out during a period when heat demand is low, such as in summer months. Alternatively, it could coincide with other specialist equipment maintenance downtime, such as boiler inspections.

Achieve set performance guarantees and warranties by servicing CHP units in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

A reputable CHP supplier will offer comprehensive maintenance and service plans that cover:

  • Routine servicing.
  • Remote performance monitoring and fault diagnosis.
  • Equipment repairs.
  • Guarantees on CHP availability of operation.

IU Energy provides you with just such a plan.

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