Car park in Dublin Airport - car park energy consumption

Lighting Upgrade Helps Reduce Dublin Airport’s Car Park Energy Consumption By 80%.

Dublin Airport has achieved an 80% saving in car park energy consumption thanks to an upgrade to the lighting and control systems used in one of the short-term and some of the long-term surface car parks.

Previously car park lighting accounted for 45% of the airport’s car park energy consumption.

The new system will reduce Dublin Airport’s annual primary energy consumption by a massive 2,411,247 kWh – the equivalent of about 1,200 floodlights.

“We can now monitor the energy being used by the car park in real time. The system allows us to control the lighting remotely and reduces the power input to lights,” said Dublin Airport’s campus delivery manager, Damien Garry.

“We have installed 386 new energy efficient LED street light fittings, which can be controlled individually, meaning we can fine tune the lighting output to suit the operational need and capacity at any given time.

“This has generated the 80% saving, while at the same time ensuring we are complying with the required lighting levels for our customers’ safety.”

The upgrade was completed as part of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) EXCEED programme for incentivising, rewarding, and facilitating energy efficiency in businesses.

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