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Commercial Biomass Boiler

If you haven’t got mains gas and your LPG or oil bills are a profit-sapping burden on your business (or your large domestic dwelling), consider a modern biomass boiler or even multiple boilers.

Did you know that commercial biomass boilers qualify for the Government’s Renewable Incentive Scheme (RHI)? That’s currently 20 years of income on this technology, and it can be very significant.

From day one, you’ll drive your energy costs down significantly, and the spin-off bonus is that you’ll reduce your Carbon emissions at the same time. Sourcing your fuel from local, sustainable sources will ensure this.

IU Energy will –

  • Assess your site or property suitability for a commercial biomass boiler
  • Accurately calculate your savings and income
  • Accurately calculate your ROI
  • Provide a fixed cost quote for installation
  • Design your system 
  • Install it
  • Help you apply for 20 years of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Maintain it

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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for 20 years

Your industrial biomass boiler or commercial biomass boiler qualifies for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Currently, this runs for 20 years and the income can be very significant. You can see more information about RHI in our FAQs section at the foot of this page.

Further information 

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Biomass boiler case studies


Your industrial biomass boiler or commercial biomass boiler probably qualifies for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Currently, this runs for 20 years. In other words, for the duration, you’re paid RHI income. Moreover, this can be significant.

That’s of course, in addition to reduced fuel bills, reduced Climate Change Levy (CCL) and sustainable fuel (if you ensure that it is sourced locally and not shipped from somewhere like Canada). 

The two main types we install are –

  • Wood pellet boiler
  • Wood chip boiler

These are the most widely used types.

Significantly and in contrast to ‘ancient’ wood boilers, you can ‘fire and forget’ with a modern commercial biomass boiler. For example, a pellet burner, or wood chip boiler, coupled with one of our 24/7 service contracts, will ensure you’re relaxed and warm for at least 20 years.

In fact, your plant can even be remotely managed. Not to mention fuel deliveries made to your store, without the need for your attention.

The first thing to remember is that IU Energy uses technology brands selected for reliability, longevity, product range and warranty. Indeed, in general, it applies in this case to all our renewable and energy saving brands.

For your commercial or domestic biomass boiler, we choose ETA. We are a fully accredited partner of Innasol, ETA’s exclusive UK distributor. Not only does ETA meet our demanding criteria, but they also enable us to remotely check all our installations. This ensures we are aware of any developing problems before you are.

That’s right. Swap your inefficient, ageing commercial biomass boiler for an approved modern variety and you can probably keep your old RHI rate.

Please contact us to see if you qualify.

By switching to a biomass boiler from a fossil fuel source such as oil, you could expect to see fuel savings anywhere between 30% to 50%, or even up to 80% if biomass is replacing electricity for heating. Biomass is organic material derived from organic sources such as wood chip, wood pellet, logs, grains, straw and miscanthus – all typical fuels. Biomass energy is therefore, produced by burning these biological materials to provide a renewable and sustainable source of fuel. Of all the biomass material, wood fuel remains the most commonly used form in biomass boilers.

We install biomass boilers in both commercial and large domestic applications.

Usually a commercial biomass boiler is installed in rural areas, where it is frequently one of the most cost-effective, efficient and sustainable heating methods you can invest in.

Town based businesses usually opt for mains gas and we can help you with the most efficient commercial types if that is your choice.

Many businesses can burn by-products produced on site, such as pallets and wood off-cut. This not only provides some businesses free fuel, but also removes disposal costs associated with waste removal from site.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies amongst householders, communities and businesses through financial incentives. There are a variety of tariffs, some of which are illustrated here. There are a few qualifiers:

  • Your biomass system must have been installed after July 15, 2009.
  • Emission levels must be below a maximum 30g/GJ Particulates and 150g/GJ Nitrogen Oxide; and
  • Installations below 45kW must be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited.

Commercial biomass boilers qualify for 20 years of RHI payments, paid quarterly. A tariff level will be assigned to your installation based on its technology (e.g. biomass, heat pump, solar) and size.

Payments will be made based on the actual heat output of the installation and begin to accrue from the date of accreditation of the installation.

Whilst biomass heating systems will cost more than the equivalent fossil fuel boiler, there are significant financial benefits by opting for biomass, with a typical installation seeing a long-term return on investment of around 20% for 20 years. That’s far better than leaving your cash in a bank.

Yes – this scheme came into force on the 1st October 2018. You are now able to continue to claim non-domestic RHI if you replace your biomass boilers ‘like-for-like’. ‘Like-for-like’ refers to technology type and capacity. So, you can install replacement biomass plant to replace a boiler that is causing you problems. But you will lose your RHI if you switch technologies, for example from biomass to ground source heat pump, or heat pump to biomass. 

  1. Small non-domestic biomass – solid biomass including solid biomass contained in waste – less than 200kWh
  2. Medium non-domestic biomass – solid biomass including solid biomass contained in waste – 200-999kWh
  3. Large non-domestic biomass – solid biomass including solid biomass contained in waste – 1,000kWh 

As a guide based on the current rates, a country estate with main house and offices converting to a 200kW heating system would receive approximately £18,151 for the first year and a total of £441,015 over 20 years. A farm house with cottages and a holiday let using 100kW system would earn upwards of £9,075 annually and £181,500 over the duration of the scheme. The tariffs are reviewed every three months and are adjusted based on the increase or decrease in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

As for a large commercial drying system with a boiler size of 1MW and 75% of run hours at full output, it would generate a significant RHI income over 20 years. For the first year alone, the RHI generated would be approximately £163,637. Over the course of the scheme, the income would equate to approximately £3,975,944. It is easy to see how the project would pay for itself many times over, whilst continuing to generate a healthy income for the business for 20 years, reducing the overall and ongoing carbon emissions significantly, as well as helping the UK achieve the targets as set out in the Paris Agreement.

ROI varies based on numerous elements including project cost, boiler size and usage. Figures quoted are an estimate average and is by no means a guarantee.

Very probably. Please contact us for a site survey.

Nowadays, biomass boiler technology is extremely reliable, and IU Energy recently installed the 4,000th ETA biomass boiler in the UK. With automatic fuel feeds which allow lorries to just drop a fuel load into a hopper and remote monitoring and control, a modern ETA biomass boiler is no more of a challenge to run than your gas boiler, but with massive environmental and cost benefits.

IU Energy is renowned for its 24/7 response and planned service packages. We are the ‘go to’ guys for fixing the installations of other companies when they find that they can’t get older plant going after a breakdown. By installing the very best technology and using our own engineers, we have a tight control over quality – which in this case means demonstrable reliability.

Yes, and that includes underfloor heating.

Yes – we have made installations in places like Crealy Theme Park & Resort and Hendra Holiday Park.

How much energy is your business currently wasting?

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