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Energy Saving

Commercial Lighting – LEDs

Want to reduce your business indirect costs and Carbon emissions fast?

Commercial LED lighting is an early consideration and a relatively quick win, whether or not you’re adopting renewable technologies and generating and storing your own electricity.  And don’t forget, LED lights are definitely of benefit if you normally have to shut down a production line to replace a light source.

IU Energy will –

  • Assess your lighting need
  • Assess your site suitability
  • Recommend the most suitable types of lighting 
  • Provide a fixed cost quote for installation 
  • Install your lighting
  • Maintain it

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Lifetime cost comparison

Want to see what difference even one LED light will make to your indirect costs? Here’s a simplistic but relevant 24,000-hour lifetime comparison for commercial LED lighting–

Type of lightbulb

5-Watt LED Spotlight

50-Watt Halogen

Cost of electricity (@ £0.15 / kWh)



Bulbs needed to last 24,000 hours



Bulb expense



Total cost of buying and running the bulb(s)



Total saving LED versus Halogen: £175

Further information

Download your copy of our LED Commercial Lighting Information and FAQs Sheet here:

LED commercial lighting case studies

How much energy is your business currently wasting?

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