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Energy Saving

Voltage Optimisation (VO)

Voltage optimisation. Looking for ways to reduce your indirect business costs and cut your Carbon emissions?

VO can cut up to 19% off electricity bills

However, only some businesses are suitable forthis technology.

For example, it works well with – fans, pump motors and transformers.

IU Energy will –

  • Assess your need
  • Assess your business for the viability and ROI
  • Recommend the most suitable type of VO
  • Provide a fixed cost quote for installation 
  • Install your VO
  • Maintain it

IU Energy will install a VO, but only when it can be clearly demonstrated that it helps a client. 

Further information on Voltage Optimisation

Download your copy of our VO Information and FAQs Sheet here:

After reading this, if you still feel your business could benefit from VO, then download a self-survey form and we’ll run a FREE assessment.

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