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Centrica and Lotus partner up on electric vehicle energy storage

Centrica and Lotus partner up on electric vehicle energy storage

Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, has announced a new strategic partnership with auto manufacturer Lotus to give electric vehicle (EV) owners more viability to store electricity and reduce household emissions.

The two companies are working together on a new model for EV ownership that will extend to domestic use by making EVs capable of storing energy from households. A “breakthrough new energy product” and platform will also be launched to connect vehicles and homes.

Centrica’s chief executive Chris O’Shea said: “We are committed to helping our customers and communities achieve net-zero and to do so, we must enable the change to electric vehicles. We have the technology, the skills and the scale to do this and our partnership with Lotus is another step in bringing our commitment to life.”

The two firms will also work to set up a new global charging an energy infrastructure platform that will assist with Lotus’s plans to reach net-zero emissions and roll out more EVs.

Additionally, Centrica will also oversee a new sustainability programme focused on low-carbon technologies that will enable Lotus to mitigate the environmental impacts across its operations, from manufacturing through to sales. Lotus employees will also be guided on this platform.

Lotus Cars’ chief executive Phil Popham said: “Our journey to net-zero carbon is absolutely lock-in-step with the Vision 80 strategy for Lotus – taking us to eighty years of the business in 2028.  By then we will have transformed Lotus into a truly global player in the high-performance high-technology sector with a new range of cars that remain true to our fundamental promise of always being ‘For The Drivers’. 

“The difference is the energy and infrastructure that will power and support these products in the future – this new partnership demonstrates the progress being made and the ambition of our vision.”

Energy and auto partnership

This isn’t the only example of an energy firm partnering with a car maker. Nissan and EDF have signed an agreement to collaboratively develop and launch a “smart” EV charging package for businesses, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capacity.

V2G is still an emerging area in the smart, flexible energy space, but the technology is rapidly gaining traction among businesses and policymakers.

Plugging electric vehicles (EVs) into the grid could cut £270m a year off the cost of running the UK power system by 2030, according to a study compiled by a consortium of experts including Cenex, Element Energy, Energy Systems Catapult, National Grid ESO, Nissan, Moixa and Western Power Distribution.

The UK Government is investing £20m to support V2G projects, while V2G offerings are now being offered by companies such as OVO Energy.

Original article here. Further information on renewables and how we can help in turning your organisation’s green and net-zero ambitions into ACTION here.

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