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Case Study

Clive's Pies fit energy efficient LED lighting

Clive's Pies

  • LED lighting
  • Post-LED energy savings - 73% per annum
  • Return on investment - 2.1 years
  • Expected life of LED lighting - 11.9 years

The Client

Food manufacturing is an ideal environment for LED lighting. Clive’s Pies is the home of truly tasty, organic, “free from” foods – they make delicious gluten free pies from their bakery situated on the top floor of a converted woollen mill in Buckfastleigh, South Devon. Nearly all the pies are vegan, and they’ve just added a new range of vegan tarts into the Clive’s family.

Their other products include a vegan pasty and roll, a gluten free vegan nut roast, delicious vegan ready meals, and a range of gluten free cakes.

The Challenge

Clive’s Pies needed to reduce their energy consumption to allow more refrigeration equipment on site. The company operates from a historic manufacturing building, where both the industrial lighting in the office and production areas was supplied by old, glass, fluorescent light tubes. These were expensive to run and the light output and colour varied. Clive’s Pies were also reaching their limit for their energy capacity.

As they wanted to expand the business, they needed a quick, smart solution which would reduce their maximum energy consumption, demand and spend.

The Solution

After extensive survey and consultation, IU Energy specified and installed LED lights which have over a 50,000 hour longevity, where the light quality and power is maintained throughout their lifetime. This replacement reduced Clive’s Pies total energy consumption, which meant that the business was able to expand its production without needing to exceed its maximum demand limit.

  • 32 lights replaced – consisting of T8 Tubes and 2D Lights

The Results

  • Post LED energy savings – 73% per annum
  • Return on Investment – 2.1 years
  • Expected life of LED Lighting – 11.9 years

“The investment has been of a reasonable size, but we will get that back over 2 years. And because it’s released the electricity supply for the lights, it’s meant that we can actually now invest in new machinery, fridges and freezers, so we can make more pies and get more Clive’s pies out there.”

“A fantastic service – they arrived and took the headache out of getting this power back.”

“The lighting’s fantastic – it’s crisp, it’s clean, they’re plastic tubes which is brilliant for us because the previous tubes used to be glass, and so in a food prep area glass is a nightmare.”

Sally Carson

Managing Director

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