Common Misconceptions – LED Lighting

LED lighting has come a long way in recent years. LED’s have not always been popular, but nowadays due to the great developments in both the technology and aesthetics of LED’s, users are able to match them to their desired luminosity, requirements and look. Due to the increase in efficient productivity, the cost of LED lighting has also fallen.

Below are common misconceptions many of our clients initially held about LED lighting.

We hope we can reassure many other organisations that LED’s have greatly improved and are a great choice for businesses wanting to become more energy efficient.

1: “They are too expensive…”

LED prices have dropped greatly in recent years and the typical return on investment (ROI) is 2-3 years!

2: “Underpowered…”

This used to be true, but due to mass improvements, they can now match or exceed existing light power.

3: “Limited in design…”

There are now LED equivalents for just about every light bulb and design. The great range means they can meet specific business lighting requirements.

4: “Limited colours…”

There is now a great variety in white shades to chose from (cool – warm) – so whether you want to match the previous shade, or create a new shade more fitting with lighting needs.

5: “They have a shorter lifetime…”

Dependent on the specification and purpose, LED’s can last between 3 and 10 years.

6: “It’s worth waiting a year to see if the prices drop further…”

Although the cost of LED’s have plummeted in the past 3 years, prices have now plateaued. The energy savings outweigh the costs, so doing it sooner rather than later means that ROI will be realised sooner.

7: “After reading the above, there’s nowhere I can go wrong with LED’s…”

Unfortunately, there are still poor quality LED’s on the market and buying the wrong colour/ style/ fitting can prove very costly if they’ve been installed and then turn out to be unsuitable.

LED’s are still expensive compared to traditional incandescents, so it’s worth making sure that the fitting, shape, lumens and kelvins match your business needs. E.g Close precision work, if there ncorrect fitting/ reflectors can cause a poor distribution of light and under-performance, therefore having a detrimental impact.

LED’s can last for up to 10 years, so it is worth getting trusted advice to get it right first time and ensure the investment delivers the maximum savings and ROI.


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