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Water Management

Water Leak Detection and Cost Management

Are you pouring your profits down the drain? If you’re a big user, water leak detection could be a very good idea for your bottom line.

water management

Water is often referred to as ‘the forgotten utility’. While most businesses have had
comprehensive energy strategies in place for
years, many are yet to implement a strategy
around managing their water usage.

Without a management strategy, many businesses don’t realise when they have a leak or that they’re wasting water unnecessarily, which can leave them facing exceptionally high bills.

Good management can help you to reduce the amount you’re using and cut your bills as a result.

Did you know?

3.1 billion litres leak from UK pipes every day.  Source: CCW

We will –

  • Audit your water consumption and bills
  • Fix tariff errors
  • Ensure you’re on the best tariff
  • Identify unusual consumption
  • Carry out water leak detection
  • Carry our minor and major repairs (SLA required)
  • Work with your supplier(s) to recover any refunds you’re owed
  • Manage and measure going forward
  • Contact you directly if we notice any sustained periods of unusual usage patterns

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Business water matters

Water consumption infographic

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