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Cut Energy Costs

Think you’re paying too much for energy? 

Time to compare electricity and gas prices – with the cost trend predicted to be up, a bad deal will affect your profit.  So now is a good time to cut energy costs and maybe look at green energy as well. It’ll cost you no more.

IU Energy is an award-winning commercial energy broker and we’ll help you get the best deal, with no nasty, hidden surprises.

The importance of independent brokerage

Energy is a volatile commodity. It’s now simply a question of protecting yourself for as long as possible with the most competitive deals. Then again, how do you know you’re getting that great deal? What about renewable energy?

Unlike many brokers, IU Energy is independent. For this reason we are not tied to individual energy suppliers. In other words,  you’re guaranteed to see the whole market offer. Helping clients to compare electricity and gas prices from the best energy suppliers and the best green energy is something we have 18 years of success at. 

Our independence means we are only interested in providing your business with the right energy deal – notably our mission is to sell you less energy. This and our focus on green electricity and gas and renewable energy self-generation has won us many awards over the years.

After all, who can you trust?

In the first place, awards aren’t given to brokers and consultants that put their self- interest above yours. For example, we were the UK’s top energy consultancy for 2018/19 – TELCA Awards.

We get nominated for and win awards frequently. In the long-run it means we look after your interests because our reputation depends on it. After all, it’s our clients who’ve kept us in business for 18 years.

This makes us officially the one of best business energy brokers in the UK – and we can do so much more than compare electricity and gas prices.

Beware the ‘too good to be true’ deal

To clarify, we’d advise caution if you’re offered a deal that appears to be especially good in contrast to everyone else’s quote. In reality, when your bills start arriving with all the hidden charges you weren’t made aware of, it’ll be too late. Compare energy quotes with caution – otherwise you could find you’re worse off.

Also be careful that you aren’t being quoted for a ‘Tracker’ product. They look very low when you sign up, but as the name implies, they track the market price and they invaiably become expensive, very quickly.

What questions should you ask when you compare energy quotes?

On the positive side, you can definitely help yourself by challenging what you see and hear.  As an illustration, please download the FREE list of questions you should to ask here Your energy suppliers or commercial energy brokers should be happy to answer all of them,  It could save you a lot of money.

How can I get green energy without major investment?

The first thing to remember is that we understand that you may not be ready or able to invest in renewable energy technology.  Nevertheless you can embrace green energy and we will certainly help you source the best green tariffs. Generally speaking, these can be sourced at an equivalent cost to the fossil-fuel counterparts. Your options now include green gas.

In fact, there is a proliferation renewable energy companies, green energy companies and renewable energy suppliers who have competitive products. There is really no excuse to buy ‘brown’ energy any more.

To emphasise, green energy need not cost you a penny more than a fossil fuel tariff, we’ll see to that.

Big utilities user?

Ever thought about utility cost recovery? We have worked with over half the FTSE 100 and to date we’ve recovered  over £450m for clients across electricity, gas and telecoms . It’s a zero-risk service and we get paid from what we recover and save. 

Already had a utility cost recovery consultant in? 84% of our success is in 2nd or even 3rd pass audits – we go much further.

Whatever your energy needs, contact us now and we’ll help right away. Independent commercial energy brokerage is just part of our award-winning service and delivery line-up.

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IU Energy is a multi-award-winning business, providing comprehensive energy management services to its B2B clients, including energy reduction solutions, renewables and independent energy procurement.


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