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Compare gas prices for your business – best UK commercial tariffs

Want to compare gas prices?  To be sure, it’s a big, volatile market and things aren’t always what they seem when you want to compare energy prices to find the best gas and electric rates.

In the first place, you truly do need an award-winning commercial B2B energy consultancy on your side. In reality,that’s because it’s a minefield out there for business energy comparison.

Regardless of what business you’re in, commercial gas cost is always unwelcome. By the same token, it’s usually bad for climate change, not to mention your tax bill. In addition, its cost is only going up over time. Moreover, it really eats into your hard-earned profits instead of –

  • Helping you buy capital equipment
  • Hiring new skills
  • Going towards developing new products and services
  • Paying for you to open new markets

Let IU Energy compare business gas rates for you, so you can switch energy supplier without the hassle. We’re a B2B energy broker who’s independent of all energy suppliers but has great relationships with each of them. We’ll also make sure that your seeing renewable energy offers as well, which are now in the market.

The first thing to remember is that ‘independent’ means we’ll investigate the whole business gas market rather than a small cross-section. A point often overlooked is that we’ll also free up your time. Why not spend it more profitably on developing your business instead of trying to work out the cheapest gas and electric deal from a bewildering number of electricity providers?

In no time we’ll present you with a short-list of options, along with our unbiased recommendations. In other words, the best decision will be made very easy for you. Your quote will be clear, free of spin and truly a reflection of the best fixed term deals.

Green tariffs – equally competitive

And if you want to buy green energy to help the UK’s legal commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, we’ll certainly help you.

We’ll source you the best green  and mixed green gas tariffs to suit your budget.

Ultimately, it’s what you can expect from an award-winning commercial gas broker.

What is green gas?

Generally speaking, it’s biogas and it’s often made by your traditional, well-reputed gas company. To explain, biogas is the mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter. For example, it can be produced from materials such as farm waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste. It is is therefore a renewable energy source. There are commercial variations but they all should come with guaranteed certificates of origin.  With this in mind,  businesses can report near-zero emissions from their gas consumption.

Also new is a carbon neutral gas product, with emissions offset through investment in sustainable development projects, such as clean energy, water treatment and forest management. 

Buy gas from a trusted source

To sum up, it’s definitely a better idea than finding you’ve been sold something that only benefits the broker. In this case, you’ll only know that when your bills turns up.

Want to be sure you’re getting a clear quote? By all means use our FREE broker questionnaire here. It’s surprisingly effective It’s surprisingly effective and you’ll be sure that your energy switch is the right one.

  • Fixed Term Energy Contracts
  • Green Gas
  • Bill Validation
  • Energy Market Forecasting

Big Gas user?

Ever thought about utility cost recovery? We have worked with over half the FTSE 100 and to date we’ve recovered  over £450m for clients across electricity, gas and telecoms . It’s a zero-risk service and we get paid from what we recover and save. 

Already had a utility cost recovery consultant in? 84% of our success is in 2nd or even 3rd pass audits – we go much further.

Whatever your energy needs, call one of our experts now on 01752 26 26 26, or email us at

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If you also have a scanned copy of your most recent gas bill, you can attach it to the form. That way we’ll have fewer questions and more answers for you, very quickly.

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