Solar PV


An established renewable option for organisations

Solar PV is a well established renewable source of energy for many organisations who not only recognise its environmental benefits, but the financial benefits too.

We work with our clients to examine the suitability of any Solar PV scheme and provide clear advice, financial models and CO2 saving projection enabling them to make an informed choice.  Our consultancy fees and installation can be financed through the Energy Efficiency Finance Scheme.

From light commercial to large scale projects, we work with our trusted installation partners to create revenue generation possibilities for our clients.

Important updates

The government has recently proposed drastic cuts to renewable energy incentives in their latest consultation document, which threatens to close a key part of the scheme to new entrants.

This means that the FIT payments will be cut by January 2016, in a bid to bring spending on clean energy subsidies under tighter control. Read more here.


Those who want to have Solar PV installed, and still benefit from the FIT payments, must do so before the January 2016 deadline.

What we can offer

We can run through the self-generation options and investment opportunities available to you.

We can help you make the most of the FIT payments before the Jan 2016 deadline – call one of our energy consultants today on 01752 262626.

Alternatively, fill out our quick and easy contact form here and someone will get back to you asap.

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