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Gas bills burning up your profits?

You need an award-winning commercial energy broker on your side. Regardless of what business you’re in, the energy cost of manufacturing or trading is always unwelcome. And it’s going up over time, eating into your hard-earned profits instead of –

  • Helping you buy capital equipment
  • Hiring new skills
  • Going towards developing new products and services
  • Paying for you to open new markets

IU Energy is an award-winning commercial gas broker and will do the heavy lifting for you. We’re independent of all gas providers but have great relationships with every one of them. We’ll investigate the whole market so you don’t have to, freeing up your time to spend more profitably on developing your business. In no time we’ll present you with a short-list of options, along with our unbiased recommendations. The best decision will be made very easy for you.

It’s what you should expect from an award-winning commercial energy broker.

Benefit from greener gas 

There are also greener gas options for businesses. One of these is biogas, which comes with guaranteed certificates of origin so businesses can report near-zero emissions from their gas consumption.

There is also a new carbon neutral gas product, with emissions offset through investment in sustainable development projects, such as clean energy, water treatment and forest management. All projects are certified via The Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard.

  • Fixed Term Energy Contracts
  • Bill Validation
  • Energy Market Forecasting

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Want to cut your energy costs or your energy usage?

Start your journey to energy efficiency with IU Energy, the UK’s top energy consultancy.

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IU Energy is a multi-award-winning business, providing comprehensive energy management services to its B2B clients, including energy reduction solutions, renewables and independent energy procurement.


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