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Investment in the National Grid

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Earlier on this year our CEO, Duncan Banks, expressed how he wanted to see the government engage in more public discussions about investment into the national grid infrastructure, in conjunction with a continued support for renewable technologies.

    Mr. Banks stated:

“Investment in renewables needs to be matched by investment in the infrastructure so that we achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability.

I would like to see more talks about the operational details of the grid capacity, so to make the most of the current renewable activity and incentives.

If the grid cannot support the influx of energy from renewable sources, we are missing a huge opportunity.”

Energy Live News stated on 22.06.15 that the National Grid are now expecting to invest up to £400 million by 2020 in an initiative aimed at balancing the grid.

This initiative, Demand Side Response (DSR), will provide incentives to businesses to adjust the amount of power they use at particular times, in response to a signal.

Duncan Burt, Head of Operations and National grid, spoke to ELN and stated around £850 million is spent year on year managing the UK’s energy system.

    Mr. Burt stated:

“We want to open a really big conversation. We think in the short term we can get value by paying you to respond and provide service to us… we’d like to be buying 30-50% by 2020”


What’s your view?

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