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Reseller and distributorship opportunities – your one-stop, value added, energy solution

IU Energy has channel partners in order to reach market niches.

Particularly successful are –

  • Vertical procurement channel partners 
  • Horizontal channel partners  
In general, these businesses drive down costs for their clients.

What are the IU Energy Distributorship value adds?

Through two business opportunities.

  1. We provide an independent energy brokering service.  This means we are not tied to energy suppliers. For this reason, your clients get truly complete and clear quotes. Our energy brokering service can be launched sooner rather than later. Indeed, we have tried and trusted training to get you up to speed, fast. On the whole, providing this service alone is where many of our channel distributorship partners start and remain.
  2. We provide in addition, renewable energy consultancy, design and installation. This service is for your clients who are pursuing net zero-carbon, or carbon reduction.  

Eighteen years in the making – a successful channel 

two tier partner programme

Two-pronged strategy

Not all channel distributorship partners can provide similar levels of client management.  For this reason, we have a two-pronged support programme. Both prongs benefit from full support, training and great marketing materials.

As with all distributorship business opportunities, ‘Partners’ and ‘Introducers’ enjoy different levels of earnings.  How much depends explicitly on the pre and post sales support you provide.

We have no preferred type. 


Generally speaking, distributorship Partners are often larger companies. Moreover, you may already enjoy success in reselling products and services. Equally, you may be newly venturing into this kind of relationship. In this case it’s because you want to add-value. 

Successful Partners are often businesses with the following –

  • Vertical or horizontal market focus 
  • Engagement of a Director 
  • Understanding of our value add 
  • Dedicated energy website page
  • Marketing effort
  • Joint PR
  • Internal energy sales targets and training
  • Account ownership and management
  • May ‘white label’ our services.
  • Direct relationship with clients


For the most part you are a company, or a sole trader.  You have particularly strong client relationships. Equally important is your desire to add-value to clients. You may have many relationships across multiple sectors.

As an illustration, a successful Introducer is often a business with the following –

  • Strong and loyal client base
  • Engagement of a Director/Owner 
  • Understanding of our value add 
  • Internal energy sales targets and training
  • Prefers us to engage with the customer 

In summary, given this level of focus, both our Partners and Introducers can achieve significant sales uplift and value-add. Usually this is within twelve months.

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