ESOS deadline

EA issues final warning regarding ESOS Deadline 29 Jan 2015

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a reminder and warning to those not yet compliant, reiterating its benefits and the risk of enforcement action (up to £50,000).

 ESOS Deadline for businesses to let the EA know they are intending to comply: 29 Jan 2016
 EA confirmed ~4000 companies achieved compliance and ~2500 intended to comply
 EA sent a reminder to the remaining corporate groups not yet undertaking steps to become ESOS compliant

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Receiving the letter

Organisations who have received this letter need to take immediate action by submitting a notification of compliance, or by notifying their intent to comply and progressing their steps to implement ESOS.

If you have received this letter, but you know your business has already complied, the EA asks you to email with the name under which the group’s notification was made and the reference number from the letter.

Similarly, organisations that receive letters but have determined they are not covered by ESOS are asked to confirm that they do not qualify by notifying them here.

ESOS Data Publication
The EA will be publishing information from each of the notifications of compliance by 29 Jan 2016. The key contacts will not be published, but the reports will, under the Government’s ‘Open Data’ policy. We will let our clients know when this is published.

ESOS Case studies

♦  RGB Holdings Ltd

♦  Foot Anstey LLP 

♦  Sydenhams Ltd 

We’re also working with The Underhill Group, St Luke’s Hospice, Pepper Communications, Princess Yachts and more.

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