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BYD win tender for electric buses

The electric bus market in China is booming and manufacturer BYD are repeating their success across the globe, with wins in Oslo, Turin, the U.S. state of Georgia and Atlanta city and a big fleet in Washington State, Israel, and South Africa (CapeTown). BYD also happen to make high quality Solar PV panels, which we at IU Energy often use for client installations.

It’s only a matter of time before most major cities will be deploying the electric bus as a key part of public transport. Plymouth we wonder? For the city of Guangzhou the Guangdong Machinery & Electric Equipment Tendering Center Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Guoke Bidding Agent Co., Ltd., had set up tenders for in total 4,810 electric buses. BYD has received confirmation to build 4,473 of these buses.

BYD, Build Your Dreams, entered with two electric bus bids by its Guangzhou BYD Auto Sales Company Limited subsidiary. It anounced according to Hong Kong Stock Exchange rules that it recently received successful bid confirmation notices for two bidding projects, with the amount being RMB 3,707,841,600 and RMB 1,813,619,600 respectively (700 million euro in total). BYD is to deliver 4,473 electric buses (889 of their new 8 metre model, 2,419 of the 10 metre model and 1,165 12 metres) to several public transport operators in the city of Guangzhou for which BYD will sign individual agreements with the customers. China is marketleader when it comes to the employment of electric buses. Last year over 106.000 electric and hybrid plug-in buses have been registered.

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