electric vehicle charging points

Why Should My Business be Interested in Electric Vehicles?

There are few more compelling reasons for Electric Vehicles and electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) than how they positively impact your profitability, and with vehicle ranges rising ever rapidly, they’re a real alternative for low cost fleet management.

Did you know that IU Energy is an OLEV accredited commercial installer for ‘EV Box’ electric vehicle charging points?  We’re your SW specialist in fact.

We install anywhere and provide commercial charging solutions for any environment, including:

Public and private car parks

Workplaces (fleet & private vehicles)

On street parking

Public sector buildings

And if you combine our Electric Vehicle charging solutions with our solar PV and battery charging solutions, you could reduce your fleet running costs by an order of magnitude, with very low carbon emissions. It’s increasingly making real business sense, especially when you consider the low maintenance cost and financial benefits of EVs.

There are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from. We work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge points for your needs – whether for your customers, staff or other visitors to your building or site. We install cost effective charge points, as well as solutions to control access to the charge point, enabling you to monitor who uses it.

Q. Who needs to use the EVCP?

A. Anyone who owns an electric vehicle (and that is getting to be an unavoidably large  number of people as legislation puts the pressure on fossil fuelled vehicles), or has one as a company car.

Q. Can I control access to car parking spaces with EVCP?

A. It depends on who owns the car park, but the EVCP can be restricted to authorised users via various options, so only those allowed can charge up.

Q. Do I need to qualify and record who uses the charge point?

A. It depends on who is charging up at your EVCPs. RFID cards for example, make it easy to restrict access and record who is charging and how much charge they are using.

Q. Can I install free standing or wall mounted EVCPs?

A. Yes, subject to site survey, we’ll advise the best type of unit.

Q. Do I have enough supply power for the EVCP?

A. Yes. A 230v, 16A supply will be sufficient and there are also renewable energy options. Anyone can have an EVCP.

IU Energy – a complete EV charging solution from the energy waste reduction and procurement specialists.

Want to know more? Contact our specialists on 01752 26 26 26 or info@iuenergy.co.uk.