Finance Options for Schools

Below are the options available to help schools fund their next energy efficiency project(s).


Salix Finance delivers 100% interest-free capital to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions. Salix was established in 2004 as an independent, publicly funded company, dedicated to providing the public sector with loans for energy efficiency projects.

We helped to facilitate the full application for Plympton St Maurice School, where they were able to fund the upgrade to LED lighting, generating significant energy savings:

♦ Case study – Plympton St Maurice LED Lighting upgrade.

Salix have worked with local authorities and their schools, further & higher education, the NHS and emergency services in England, resulting in over 1,400 clients completing over 12,000 projects. See their website here.


We are one of a small number of independent consultancies to be both authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and, following a rigorous inspection process, are able to offer the Energy Efficiency Finance Scheme.

This finance scheme, provided by The Carbon Trust and Siemens, has attractive options such as finance lease and lease purchase – all funded by your savings. This is not available to all schools, so get in contact so we can assess your suitability. See their website here.


If you would like to speak about your energy efficiency projects and receive advice about the finance options above, call our knowledgeable consultants on 01752 262626, email or submit your details here.