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Free Energy Health Check

Within today’s turbulent energy market, we understand that it can be time consuming for businesses to trawl the many different tariffs for gas and electricity.

We also understand that the information regarding energy efficiency, your carbon footprint, the latest government schemes, financing etc. can be plentiful, but somewhat daunting. We therefore offer a Free Energy Health Check to help you understand the first steps into how you can reduce your energy waste and spend.

10 reasons to take a Free Energy Health Check:

1. It’s absolutely free!
You can take advantage of our skills, software and expertise to produce our findings, with no cost to yourselves.

2. A quality service
Although the service is free, we pride ourselves in providing you with trusted information regarding your energy waste and spend.

3. Paying too much for your energy?
We can identify whether you are paying over the odds and can usually save on average up to 30% on your gas and electricity bills.

4. Paying any unnecessary charges?
We can determine this from looking at your invoices. We can also advise whether you are on the most suitable tariff type for your business.

5. Enabling you to make informed decisions
The Free Energy Health Check results enable you to make more informed decisions regarding the first steps in tackling your energy costs.

6. It is a no obligation service
You are not tied to signing energy contracts with us or implementing any solutions – we will provide you with the health check results and subsequent initial recommendations.

7. Making it easy for you
The vast amount of information available can be confusing and daunting – we will provide focused and relevant information, tailored to your business.

8. Staying ahead of your competition
Becoming a forward-thinking business who embraces energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction will give you an advantage over businesses that do not.

9. Reduce today to invest in tomorrow
By identifying possible savings, you will have extra funds to invest into other areas of your business, or in further energy efficiency projects, for example.

10. Saving you time and money
The health check aims to identify inefficiencies and therefore recommends ways you can combat this and reduce your energy costs. We can also save up to 30% on your utility bills, all whilst looking to take the time and hassle out of your hands.

Too good to be true?

We are committed to building our reputation through providing trusted advice. We are keen to make a good impression to any potential customers. We therefore work to high standards and provide quality initial information and advice to customers who undertake the Free Energy Health Check.

IU’s ability to offer an integrated service
We have built credibility in the sector and can provide an integrated consultancy package should you wish to pay for our additional services:

• A more comprehensive, in-depth energy survey and report on our findings
• Within this, we will recommend solutions with the best Return on Investment (ROI)
• We can then project manage the installation of the solutions
• We can provide guidance on Energy Efficiency Financing options

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