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Case Study

Greenawell Farm

Greenawell Farm

  • Biomass
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Sustainable woodchip
  • £3,500 fuel savings

The Client

Set in the very picturesque Dartmoor National Park, Greenawell Farm is located in the ancient market town of Moretonhampstead in Devon.

The Challenge

Owner of Greenawell Farm, Julian Seaward, had a biomass boiler installed 6 years ago which proved inefficient.

The LPG back-up boiler was regularly in use due to the failing biomass boiler. Becoming increasingly frustrated with having to dig out the auger each time he had a woodchip delivery and wanting to be more environmentally friendly were the driving factors for Julian opting for a better heating solution. Just as importantly, he needed one that worked effectively.

We assured him that a new ETA Hack boiler would be the right option, providing him with what he was missing from his previous boiler.

The Solution

Our skilled engineering team removed the old boiler, installed a 130kW ETA Hack boiler, reworked every building connection and then installed the full ETA control package over 6 buildings.

The property, comprising of a main farm house, four cottages, an office, gym block and indoor swimming pool is now run through almost 30 weather compensated circuits. The overall solution is a biofuel boiler with feed system, remote monitoring and control, with automatic fault notification. Undefloor heating has been fitted where suitable.

This all plays a large factor in saving Julian nearly £3,500 a year in fuel costs alone, even with a 50kW increase in boiler capacity.

The Results

Greenawell Farm is now running their boiler off woodchip, which is delivered by tractor and tipped straight into the wood store every two weeks during winter and up to 40 day intervals during the summer months.

Emptying the ash bin of the old boiler weekly in the winter was an annoying task – this has been reduced to every 6-8 weeks with the new ETA boiler. The touch screen controls and remote monitoring provide Julian and his team with ease of use and give them more control over the system. Reliability has increased, gas costs have been reduced, there is a long-term RHI benefit and fuel consumption has dropped.

IU Energy has since completed an installation of Solar PV panels which were badly installed by another company, and installed solar thermal to heat the swimming pool.


“Finding good, reliable and honest tradesmen these days can be hard. This company has been a pleasure to work with. Clearly highly competent at both mechanical and electrical engineering they were committed to delivering a great end product – when there were glitches during and post installation, they
were highly responsive and onsite quickly, even at weekends.

The team were likeable individuals and whilst they were doing the biomass installation, we were never left wondering if they would turn up each day, because at the start of each week the project manager would give me the schedule for the week and let me know exactly when they were due on site

Since being introduced to this team and having them install the biomass boiler, we haven’t let them go and they have since completed an installation of Solar PV panels for us that were badly installed by another company, installed solar thermal to heat the swimming pool, and taken over our RHI application as the previous company had messed it up. They now do all major electrical and plumbing works at Greenawell.

Having the new ETA boiler compared to the old biomass boiler is like upgrading from an abacus to a PC.”

Julian Seaward


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