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IU Energy begins work on ‘Energiesprong’, net-Zero Carbon social housing for Devon

IU Energy begins work on ‘Energiesprong’, net-Zero Carbon social housing for Devon

‘Energiesprong’ is a revolutionary carbon and energy spend reduction model originating from the Netherlands.

Today in the Netherlands, over 5,000 homes are retrofitted to desirable, net zero energy houses at no extra costs for the residents. The mission of the Energiesprong Foundation is to scale this approach to more markets, creating an industry which designs, produces and delivers whole house retrofits across millions of houses. Furthermore, ‘Energiesprong’ provides homes with a 30-year warranty.

Currently, Energiesprong teams are active in the NetherlandsFrancethe UKGermany and 

Northern Italy. In New York State and California, initiatives inspired by Energiesprong are working on a solution for the United States. In the UK, Devon is the third area to roll-out the model, following in the successful footsteps of Nottingham and Manchester.

Energiesprong in the UK

The undertaking in the UK is to meet our legally binding climate change targets. All homes must be ‘nearly zero energy’ by 2050.

The first 10 homes refurbished here under the Energiesprong initiative had a stern test in February and March 2018. Completed for social landlord Nottingham City Homes just before the ‘Beast from the East’ hit, heavy snowfall and unseasonably cold temperatures arrived in the UK.

‘The Siberian blast is not the test I would have volunteered for,’ says David Adams, technical director of developer Melius Homes, which won the Energiesprong tender for the homes. While the temperature outside was -4°C, Adams reported a ‘remarkably stable’ 20°C inside.

Pilot ‘Carbon net-zero’ Energiesprong scheme in Devon

A pilot scheme in Devon is underway and scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. 

In a complex arrangement involving several interested parties, affordable and social housing specialist Mi-space won contracts from three housing associations across Devon. Regen SW is supervising the project and its funding. Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight.

Mi-space subsequently contracted award-winning IU Energy for key elements of the pilot. The Plymouth headquartered energy consultancy is working on the retrofit of integrated renewable technologies in social housing stock in Exeter, Burrington and Paignton. There are over 4 million similar properties throughout the UK, so Energiesprong pilot schemes are a huge endorsement for the contractors selected.

The application of Energiesprong in Devon is part of the ZEBCat programme (Zero Energy Buildings Catalyst). ZEBCat is a three-year European Regional Development Fund Project, led by Devon County Council.

The tenants of all the properties will remain in occupancy during the work.

Further information on renewables and how we can help in turning your organisation’s green and net-zero ambitions into ACTION here.

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