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Case Study – Foot Anstey


Foot Anstey is one of the country’s premier law firms.

They are among the UK’s top 100, with over 50 partners and over 500 staff. Headed by Managing PartnerJohn Westwell, they have achieved consistent growth and strong financial performance and are on track to achieve their ambitious financial targets. They have grown organically through their bold, agile strategy and have attracted the attention of their industry; they have been named in numerous awards, including the British Legal Awards, and have been recognised in the FT Innovative Lawyers’ report.


Foot Anstey qualified under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and needed to meet its obligation. They engaged IU Energy to ensure ESOS compliance was achieved well in advance of the initial deadline date of 5 December 2015. The scheme requires large undertakings – any business employing 250 staff or more and/or which has a turnover in excess of £38.9m and a balance sheet of £33.4m must conduct mandatory energy assessments every 4 years.

The Environment Agency (EA) can impose the fines of up to £50,000 at any time for non-compliance.


Creating a fast-track data collection process

Providing expert auditing

Presenting genuine ways of improving the company’s energy efficiency


Chris Pritchett, Partner at Foot Anstey said:
“We selected IU Energy to guide us through the compliance process because of their specialist knowledge, professional attitude and competitive pricing.”

Duncan Banks, CEO, IU Energy commented:
“We are delighted to secure ESOS compliance on behalf of our clients Foot Anstey, who take energy efficiency seriously. It is heartening to know that the many energy efficiency measures our team have identified will help them to further improve their environmental performance.”

You can download this case study here – Foot Anstey Case Study.


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