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IU Energy scores 58.85kW Solar PV goal for Plymouth Argyle

stadium solar panels

Coinciding with the opening of their new multi-million £ Grandstand, IU Energy has installed 58.85kW of Solar PV panels on the rooftop. The centre section of the array spells out those famous initials, ‘PAFC’.

That’s a significant amount of self-generated green energy and a welcome contribution to the City’s 2030 net zero-carbon goal.

IU Energy is Plymouth Argyle’s official energy partner; a relationship that has been in place since 2008. Up until now, this meant arranging the club’s fixed-term green energy contracts at the best market rates.

In 2019, Plymouth Argyle management further entrusted the company to design, supply and install a significant Solar PV array on the near-completed rooftop.

A project of this scale requires multi-faceted coordination between the main contractor and a host of sub-contractors, along with the critical expectation and time management that goes with it. In this case, IU Energy collaborated with the main contractor’s Project Manager, sub-contracted electricians (who needed to situate the relevant electrical components in the right place), crane hirers, supply chains to co-ordinate deliveries, scaffolders and roofers to name but a few. Many of these trades and services were on-site simultaneously.

In short, the physical installation of a large Solar Array amidst a full construction project is only 20% of a complex delivery schedule. Managing the process and all the necessary communication to deliver the planned result is the other vital 80%. It’s one of the key reasons why the main contractor engaged IU Energy for this highly visible project element; a track record of successful, large construction, multi-contractor installations.

The completed, eye-catching, Solar PV installation consists of 214 Solar PV modules, which will save Plymouth Argyle hundreds of thousands of £ over the next 20 years. It will also have a major impact on their carbon emissions and demonstrates a real commitment to sustainability by the club.

If you’d like to understand your self-generation options, or what you can do if self-generation isn’t an option for your business, please get in touch with us.

There is much that can be done, whatever your circumstances.

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