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IU Energy short-listed for the TELCA Green Energy Award 2019

TELCA green energy award, sustainability, carbon footprint
TELCA Green Energy Award short-list

Sponsored by Hudson Energy, the TELCA Green Energy Award 2019 is for sustainability and the winners will be judged on a range of criteria.

The criteria for TELCA Green Energy Award 2019, include –

  • What green energy is to us and our customers,
  • How we define it
  • What we do to ensure that we are as green as we’re encouraging our customers to be
  • How we pitch the commercial case for going green to customers
  • An example of how we helped a customer with green energy and what the impacts have been.

It’s a tough set of criteria, which are there to ensure that we practice what we preach. We like to think of it as ‘planet before profit’.

Planet before profit – our entry for the TELCA Green Energy Award 2019

This is the essence of our response.

Selling green energy was not common when we started trading seventeen years ago, and certainly not cost comparable to other options – clients cared primarily about the kWh price and not about the source of energy.

Of particular relevance to our entry for the TELCA Green Energy Award 2019 is that four years ago we merged with a renewable technology M&E business – why? We had a shared ethos. We agreed that the affect we all wanted to achieve was to reduce our clients operating cost of energy, but defining it not just financially but moreover by the carbon cost to the environment; we had crystallised our green conscience over brown commission.

And that’s where we sit as a business today, not only doing our best to help our customers in reducing their carbon footprint, but ensuring our own house is in order as well.

TELCA Green Energy Award 2019 information here. Further information on renewables and how we can help in turning your organisation’s green ambitions into ACTION here.

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