Mewstone Assets – Case Study

Achieved cost savings of 30%


Award-winning student accommodation company Mewstone Assets were looking to optimise their investment in a 14 apartment new build in Mutley – a popular student area of Plymouth.


The primary design objective was to create solutions for the power requirements of the building that minimised the operating costs of the building for the long term whilst remaining balanced against initial capital costs. The scope was broad-ranging and covered all aspects of building services:

 Design, supply and install an energy efficient heating and hot water generation system

Overcome a significant requirement for hot water services with minimal space for plant

 Integrate onsite electrical generation without compromising visual appearances of the building

 Reduce utility costs through minimising standing charges and non-commodity elements



Heating & Hot Water

♦ Installation of two 50kW condensing gas boilers and a 2000L accumulator tank

♦ Centralised plant room distributing heating and hot water to each apartment

 Installation of building management system providing weather compensation, variable temperature flow control, remote monitoring and fault notification

♦ System temperature management to ensure maximum boiler efficiency

♦ Installation of packaged plate heat exchanger for domestic hot water generation providing instantaneous generation to meet demand without utilising space


Solar PV

♦ Installation of a 7.56kW Trina Smart solar PV system – mounted within the roof structure instead of slates to maximise cost savings and minimise visual intrusion



♦ Recommendation to install only one supplier meter for each service for the whole building, rather than the traditional approach of a supplier meter per service for each apartment

♦ Implementation of gas and electricity meter installation and procurement of gas and electricity supply contract


Operating cost savings over a conventional building services solution for this apartment block will be in the region of 30%;

 Gas consumption reduced through increased heating system efficiency as a result of excellent design and control

♦ Gas, water and electricity infrastructure costs significantly reduced by only having one connection point per service

♦ Maintenance costs reduced by remote monitoring and fault notification

♦ Annual servicing and inspection costs only for two central boilers rather than one per apartment

♦ Annual benefit of £1300 from the Trina Smart solar PV System giving a 7.5% ROI with an additional
£2500 saving on roof materials

♦ Competitively tendered utility supply contracts; tariff rates were reduced as meter types were commercial rather than domestic and only one standing charge per service rather than one per service per apartment




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