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Case Study

student accommodation operators - Mewstone Assets rooftop Solar pv Panels

Mewstone Assets

The Client

Mewstone Assets is an award-winning student accommodation company.

The Challenge

Mewstone Assets were looking to optimise their investment in a 14-apartment new build in Mutley. Mutley is a popular student accommodation area of Plymouth, Devon.

In this case, the primary design objective was to create power solutions for the building. In the long run, the aims were to reduce operating costs as much as possible, together with remaining balanced against initial capital costs.

Overall, the scope was broad ranging and covered all aspects of building services for Mewstone Assets. Specifically –

  • Design, supply and install an energy efficient heating and hot water generation system
  • Overcome a significant requirement for hot water services with minimal space for plant
  • Integrate onsite electrical generation without compromising building appearance
  • Reduce energy costs by minimising standing charges and non-commodity elements

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