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Case Study

Piper's Close aerial shot with solar PV array

Piper's Close

  • Solar PV array
  • Annual saving on electricity bill for tenant - £13,500
  • Annual benefit for client - £43,500
  • Total combined benefit over 20 years - £1,140,000
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Client

A perfect candidate for Solar PV Array developments, Dartmeet Developments is a Devon based property developer and the highly successful offshoot of Dartmeet Services Ltd (DSL). DSL is a specialist engineering and fabrication company experienced in many industrial sectors. They undertake fabrication in ferrous and non-ferrous metals at their 4,500 sq. ft facility.

DSL customers are both industrial and domestic and they have carried out a wide variety of  manufacturing developments for their clients over many years. This has included portal structures, platforms, walkways, process pipe work, and guarding systems.

In most applications, DSL’s package includes bespoke design, manufacture and installation and they work in partnership with a broad range of structural engineers, offering a wealth of experience and technical knowledge.

They also build a wide range of properties, spanning domestic dwellings through to large facilities and warehouses.

The Challenge

DSL was asked to build a new 30,000ft2 commercial unit at Piper’s Close, Launceston, Cornwall, for a world leading pipe and fittings manufacturer. DSL already rented a nearby 9,000ft2 unit to this client, and let another 4,500ft2 unit to a different tenant in the same development.

In order to meet Planning Permission and Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) requirements for the new 30,000ft2 building, IU Energy was approached to design and fit a large Solar PV array and to include in the project similar work on the other 9,000ft2, and 4,500ft2 units.

Additionally, we were asked to consult on registering the project for Feed-in-Tariff and applying for and securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where the owner of the Small Scale Embedded Generator (SSEG) system arranges for the design, permits, financing and installation of a solar energy system on a tenant or customer’s property at little to no cost to the end user.

The SSEG owner sells the power generated to the host customer at a fixed rate which is typically lower
than the local utility provider’s retail rate.

The Solution

After a detailed site survey, IU Energy designed and installed three tailored arrays at Piper’s Close –

• 150kW PV system on the new 30,000ft2 unit
• 100kW PV system on the 9,000ft2 unit
• 50kW PV on the 4,500ft2 unit

All systems were East/West split, with a combined expected annual generation of 269,100 kWh.

The Results

The benefits are three-fold and long-lasting, with our client benefiting from FiT and PPA and the tenant benefiting from reduced energy costs from the Solar PV array.

  • Yr 1 earnings from FIT (£)† – £30,000
  • Annual PPA –  £13,500
  • Annual benefit for client – £43,500
  • Annual saving on electricity bill for tenant – £13,500
  • Lifetime benefit for tenant (20 years) – £270,000
  • Total combined benefit over 20 years – £1,140,000

† FIT payments are linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI), so earnings will rise to keep pace with inflation.

The overall figure represents a payback of 4.5 years and a 17% ROI.

“We are very impressed. Not only was this extensive project delivered without drama, it’s already
delivering the £45,000 a year for 20 years as promised.”

Carl Payne


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