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Our experts keep a close eye on the energy market so that we can advise you on the best time to secure or ‘fix’ your energy prices.

This option gives budget certainty and one of the most straightforward forms of energy contracts. It also eliminates the risk associated with gambling on the wholesale energy market.  Businesses can then plan ahead knowing their yearly energy spend.


When fixed price contracts are too restrictive, businesses can opt for flexible contracts. These options allow businesses to take advantage of a volatile ever-changing energy market,  where we can help you capitalise on the market rises and falls.

Although flexible contracts bring an element of risk, you have the opportunity (with the right advise) to minimise your costs.


By combining the consumptions of a number of businesses in a portfolio arrangement, known as a ‘basket’, we can bring the advantages of the wholesale market to you.


We can help businesses save on average up to 30% on their gas and electricity bills.

To find out what option above is most suitable for your business, we need to ask a few simple questions, which will allow us to advise accordingly.

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