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IU Energy’s expertise covers several areas when it comes to saving office-based businesses money and adding to their bottom line. We are particularly good at preventing companies from being fined, which in the case of the Government’s ESOS regulations (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) can be very substantial.

Other services we provide range from providing competitive energy contracts to limit predicted price increases, to energy efficient and renewable energy technology, where space allows.

“Succession Group has found the ESOS process a great experience and a significant benefit to the business, by increasing our awareness of cost savings potential not only in the way we use our offices but also how we use our vehicles.

We are grateful to IU Energy for their expertise and professionalism. We found them to be knowledgeable and easy to work with and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

James Stevenson

Succession Group

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies for projects we have carried out in offices.

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IU Energy is a multi-award-winning business, providing comprehensive energy management services to its B2B clients, including energy reduction solutions, renewables and independent energy procurement.


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