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Care home exterior - care homes and healthcare can save on energy

As our population ages, more of us who’ve lived with spectre of climate change will demand green care homes, just as we expect a green hospital.

In the case of a care home it could make a huge difference in client preference. Green care homes are likely to be profitable care homes.

In the case of hospitals, legislation will soon demand that your operations are net zero carbon.

The green benefit: More profit, less costs

Aside from increased client appeal and legislation compliance, there is most compelling evidence that there are real financial benefits for organisations embracing net-zero Carbon. As a relatively big energy user, it makes sense to be running an eco friendly hospital. Green care homes can save a lot of cost and address their significant carbon emissions by just switching to green electricity.

Solar panels for care homes usually work well, and if you’re a care home that’s off the mains gas grid, heat pumps and biomass boilers are also viable: The latter two of these technologies both attract twenty years of income for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).   

To be clear, by benefit we mean improved profits and cost savings, as reported by Capgemini. You can view their report here. It states in black and white that organisations which go 100% renewable are seeing up to 7.7% added to their bottom line.

In fact, due to the consistent energy requirements, green healthcare is a very good cost-cutting idea. With both types of organisation demanding 24 hours a day energy to heat or cool spaces and water, illuminate, operate machinery and run kitchens, going green in healthcare facilities could be seen as essential.

This consistent level of energy usage is totally compatible with how sustainable technologies operate successfully.

Heating alone is up to 70% of your energy bill

Did you know that heating is typically to blame for up to 70% of your energy bills? To be sure, healthcare and care home facilities often have large, inefficient boilers just for this purpose.

Care homes and healthcare establishments across the UK have notable potential to save on energy bills. Chiefly this arises from usage reduction techniques. At the same time appropriate contract and energy management advice is especially important.

The energy Vs profit challenge

Such is the demand for energy in this sector, versus its ever-rising cost (and carbon taxes), it is increasingly difficult to run a profitable or cost-controlled organisation. In fact, for this reason the uptake of energy efficient technology and renewables is growing rapidly in these sectors.

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Not on mains gas? Move away from oil and LPG

As we’ve mentioned already,  care homes in particular are often in rural locations. That usually means no mains gas supply, presenting a challenge in choices and sources of energy for care homes in particular.

It’s important to realise that conventional oil and LPG boilers are expensive to run and polluting. The first thing to remember is that equally they are no longer the top choice for hot water and space heating. To be sure you have choices – some of these will supply you with long term income. For example, all three of these technologies qualify for 20 years of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) –

  • Biomass boilers
  • Solar Thermal Panels
  • Heat pumps

Other technologies for profit improvement and savings

In like manner, how many clients, patients and visitors would prefer your establishment if you had electric vehicle charging stations? Certainly, in care homes, the families of your residents will factor this into their decision when deciding where to place their relatives. To emphasise –

Not to mention the rapid uptake of battery storage, which will store off-peak electricity for use at peak times.

Improve profits/reduce costs by switching technologies

As a matter of fact, even where mains gas and electricity are both supplied, there is better choice of energy for healthcare than fossil fuels. There is most compelling evidence for using efficient and renewable technologies.

Power Purchase agreements (PPAs)

Hospital solar panels are particularity attractive if you have expensive roof-space, which most do. And if you have, there’s the option of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which may mean Solar PV with little or no upfront costs, and years of cheap, green electricity for healthcare organisations.

In conclusion, the savings in healthcare are usually significantly more than most organisations expect. As an illustration -reduced fuel costs, tax allowances and often, long-term passive income.

IU Energy has extensive know-how with all the technologies mentioned.

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IU lowered our energy costs in this very difficult period”

Liz Waters

Waters Park House Acquired Brain Injury Centre

“The team were incredibly helpful – we were already on good rates, but IU Energy were able to source even cheaper, competitive rates for our care homes, which generated significant savings. We would recommend IU Energy’s services to any similar organisation/ business who wants to champion energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs and obtain trusted, independent advice regarding their energy.”

We also wanted our contracts to start and end on the same dates for all our meters, and for them to be switched to SMART meters – something that was not in place beforehand and caused unnecessary time delays and extra work.

IU Energy were able to use their relationships with the suppliers and knowledge of the processes to get this underway and sorted.”

Ralphe Stone

Operations Director: STONEHAVEN CARE GROUP

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies for projects we have conducted in the care industry.

How much energy is your business currently wasting?

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