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Leisure & Hospitality

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IU Energy has a great deal of expertise in this sector, particularly with enabling green tourism, and has many prestigious and diverse clients. Energy in hotels and other Leisure and Hospitality businesses is a major cost and the opportunity for renewable , self-generated energy and energy efficiency is significant across many functions and services. 

Our clients range from top hotels to some of the best loved leisure parks and everything in-between, all of whom actively promote eco friendly tourism. This means that every conceivable energy efficient and renewable technology is applicable, because the demand for energy ranges from high, to very high across the industry. Some of the most significant cost savings of all sectors are made for our clients in Leisure and Hospitality, with many hotels going green.

Money saved on energy goes straight to your bottom line, which makes your business more competitive, and with rising energy prices this is more important than ever. Being energy efficient enhances a business’s reputation and helps to attract more customers.

Green tourism is a rapidly growing consideration with environmentally discerning guests now actively seeking out green credentials for their guest houses, restaurants and hotels etc.

What are my options for green tourism?

Embracing ‘green’ can be as simple as just buying a green electricity tariff and making sure your customers know about it. For an easy win, you can start buy buying a green tariff and perhaps use battery storage to store off-peak electricity for use at peak demand times.

If you’re an out of town business, the options for green energy self-generation in hotels and guest houses are usually greater. All of the following are possibilities for eco stores.

  • Green electricity and gas tariffs
  • Fixed term green energy deals
  • Solar PV (where roof or ground space allows)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (a third party owns Solar panels and sells you cheap electricity)
  • Battery Storage
  • Solar Thermal (where roof or ground space allows)
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Award-winning IU Energy has great experience with all these retail green technologies.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – green tourism on the road to your business

Let’s talk a bit more about a relatively inexpensive option to demonstrate that you’re one of the vanguard of green tourism – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. This option will soon mean the difference between customers using your business, or the one down the road where they can charge their EVs, perhaps as part of a loyalty scheme once they’ve checked in automatically. It’s an opportunity, or a threat, and it’s already upon us.

This is particularly evident in the demand we are seeing to fit Electric Vehicle Charge Points. The addition of these can be the difference between you taking a booking, or a competitor and this relatively inexpensive addition is at the vanguard of environmentally friendly tourism.

“IU Energy were awarded the contract based on their consulting capability and technical ability to design and implement a turnkey solution, which was crucial due to the restricted timescale. Their work is really paying off and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Tim Hassell, Estates Director

The Thurlestone Hotel

“Just renewed our energy contracts through IU Energy again. Excellent, personal service throughout the term of our last contract and no-one we got quotes from could beat them on price again this time around. Highly recommended.”

Matt Sherwood, Owner

The Cleveland Guest House

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies for projects we have carried out in renewable energy in hospitality industry and related areas.

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