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Places of Worship

Church energy costs need to be brought down? Perhaps you also need to cost-effectively light or heat a large space for your congregation or community activities? 

Many Places of Worship also have a strongly green ‘eco’ agenda, so who can your trust to balance your energy needs with a desire to do your best for climate change and your community?

IU Energy can help, as we do for Truro Methodist Church, right up to St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Church energy - Truro Methodist Church

We are an independent part of the UK’s largest energy consultancy. That means huge experience that we can bring to bear on your energy needs, and peace of mind for you. 

IU Energy will –

  • Ensure you’re on the best energy tariffs
  • Audit your bills for overcharges – facilitate a refund if so
  • Assess your site suitability for cost-cutting efficient and renewable technologies
  • Accurately calculate your savings
  • Accurately calculate your ROI
  • Point you in the direction of favourable green finance
  • Design and plan your energy saving technology solution(s)
  • Provide a fixed cost quote for any installation you may choose
  • Help you apply for any relevant Government incentives
  • Install 
  • Maintain 

What are the options for renewable energy and energy efficiency in a Place of Worship?

Before considering technology to address your Church energy needs, a good place to start is with sourcing the best value electricity and gas tariffs. IU Energy is independent and therefore investigates the entire energy market, sourcing the right provider for every Place of Worship we consult. We are trusted not to hide any of the charges which can distort the true cost of energy.

If sustainability is a stated aim, going ‘green’ can be as simple as buying a green electricity tariff; many Places of Worship require their needs to be supplied by green energy alone.  Even so, the most compelling evidence of cost savings and even earnings arises from using renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. This is particularly relevant of your site is used very frequently, as in the case of community hubs or in historical buildings that attract tourists.

The challenge of using energy efficient and renewable technology is in not impairing the appearance of often beautiful, historic buildings, so some of the more obvious technologies like solar panels are usually out of the question. 

However, the following are all possibilities, with one example capable of driving down costs significantly and also qualifying for 20-year income from RHI (Renewable Incentive Scheme). 

  • Air Source Heat Pumps 
  • Battery Storage
  • Condensing Gas Boilers 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Fixed-term Green Electricity Tariffs
  • LED Lighting

None of these seriously affect the appearance of the buildings they are installed in, but they do bring major benefits.

VAT Refund Audits 

We shouldn’t forget to mention this either as it may mean we can get you a VAT refund. Please use the form or telephone number above to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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