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Student Accommodation

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Property developers for student accommodation – IU Energy has worked extensively with student accommodation providers and developers.

High efficiency energy technology and renewables are particularly important to student accommodation developers and Landlords in this sector, both to meet the UK’s legal obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement which requires the UK to become a Zero Carbon economy by 2050 and to make developments more appealing to Landlords and the students they seek.

All businesses must reduce their carbon footprint

The UK’s pledge to reduce its emissions under the Paris Agreement was made as part of a joint pledge by members of the European Union (EU). EU Member States jointly agreed to a 2030 target of at least a 40% reduction in emissions below 1990 levels, supported by an EU-wide climate and energy package. This follows on from the 2020 package which aims to achieve a 20% reduction in emissions relative to 1990, a 20% energy efficiency improvement and a 20% share of renewables in energy consumption by 2020.

No business can avoid its obligations to this and there is already an increased Carbon Reporting burden, the increasing Climate Change Levy and an increasing spectrum of fines for polluters.

The benefits to student accommodation Landlords 

  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Reduced Carbon Monoxide risks with non Gas hot water self-generation
  • Opportunity to set up individual Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with tenant students, providing an additional source of income
  • Reduced Carbon reporting burden
  • Reduced risk of fines

We often see cost savings of 30% when fitting LED lighting, efficient condensing boilers and Solar PV for example.

The benefits to Property Developers for green student accommodation

  • Planning Permission obtained more easily from Local Authorities
  • SBEM
  • SAP10
  • Appeal to purchasing Landlords

What are the green options for Landlord student accommodation?

Most student accommodation developers build close to Universities, which lends itself to certain energy deals and technologies –

Case Studies

Below is a case study for a project we carried out in student accommodation.

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