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Student Accommodation

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Are you a Landlord, or a firm of property developers of student accommodation? IU Energy works with both. Chiefly, this is with the goal of driving down energy use and therefore cost.

To put it another way, efficient energy technology and renewables are on the whole important in this sector. Notably, this is because they affect marketability and profits for Landlords. Equally important, they also affect Planning Permission for developers.

Net zero-Carbon. It affects you

Notwithstanding being attractive to students, there’s certainly another reason for installing energy efficient technology. Significantly, it’s the UK’s legal obligations to the Paris Climate Agreement.

By 2050, the UK is required to be a net zero-Carbon economy. This date notwithstanding, over 200 City Councils have explicitly set deadlines by 2030. Obviously, that’s a full twenty years before the obligations of the Agreement.

Are you ready in this case?

To be sure, you already know where student accommodation is in general. With this in mind, City and UK climate goals will markedly affect you, soon.

All businesses must reduce their carbon footprint

The UK’s duty to reduce its emissions is part of a joint pledge by members of the European Union. It must be remembered that the UK is still committed to this, regardless of Brexit.

It’s important to realise therefore, that no business can avoid its obligations. As an illustration, there is already increased Carbon Reporting and Climate Change Levy. At the same time there is also a spectrum of fines for polluters.

In fact, two independent surveys state that up to 88% of consumers expect businesses to do something about it now. 

Landlords – the benefits of energy efficiency  

  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Zero Carbon Monoxide risks with non-Gas hot water self-generation
  • Opportunity to set up individual student Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) 
  • Increased income and profit
  • Reduced risk of fines

To put it another way, we frequently see cost savings of up to 30%. Especially when supplying and fitting combinations of –

Developers – the benefits of green accommodation 

  • Planning Permission obtained more easily from Local Authorities
  • SBEM
  • SAP10
  • Appeal to purchasing Landlords

Case Studies

Below is a case study for a project we conducted in student accommodation.

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