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Construction renewable energy get planning permission, SBEM, SAP 10

Renewable energy in Construction industry – IU Energy usually partners with a main contractor to provide renewable energy solutions on industrial developments, such as The Phase 2 expansion of Plymouth City Council’s Langage Business Park. It’s a rock-solid way to gain planning permission (PP), meet SBEM and SAP 10.

Savings in energy consumption of over £1m resulting from using renewable resources in construction are not uncommon for our larger solar energy construction projects, even without the Feed-in-Tariff.

One of the huge advantages for renewable energy in buildings, when specified in the planning phase, is often the provision of pre-allocated space within or on new developments – the roof for solar energy construction projects or internally for extensive Combined Heat & Power (CHP) installations.

IU Energy has an in-house design and installation team and has a track record with renewable resources in construction – large scale solar energy construction projects, Solar Thermal, Biomass Boilers, CHP, Heat Pumps LED lighting, battery storage upto 1MW and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. 

The role of Local Authorities – renewable energy in Construction

New development and  renewable energy in construction and infrastructure are areas where much can be done to combat and prepare for the impacts of climate change and local authorities are best placed to understand the opportunities and constraints specific to their areas. Local planning systems are therefore used as an effective tool to legislate and encourage effective climate change mitigation and adaptation of measures in the design of new buildings and renewable resources in construction.

Local planning authorities have a crucial role to play in tackling energy efficiency and climate change through specifying renewable energy in construction.

“We are very impressed. Not only was this extensive project delivered without drama, it’s already delivering the £45,000 a year for 20 years as promised.”

Carl Payne

Dartmeet Developments

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies for projects we have carried out in construction energy renewables industry.

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