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Care home exterior - care homes and healthcare can save on energy

Renewables for care homes – Health institutions and care homes have been described for some years as beneficiaries of energy saving products due to their consistent energy requirements. Energy is used 24 hours a day to heat or cool, illuminate spaces, operate machinery and run kitchens, creating the consistent levels of energy usage compatible to the way sustainable technologies operate successfully.

Care homes and healthcare establishments across the UK have the potential to save on energy bills using consumption reduction techniques, and appropriate contract and energy management advice. Did you know that heating is typically responsible for 70% of your energy bills? Healthcare care home facilities often have large boilers servicing the property.

Such is the demand for energy in this sector, versus its ever-rising cost (and carbon taxes), it is increasingly difficult to run a profitable enterprise, which in turn is driving the uptake of renewables for care homes in order to claw back costs.

IU Energy has numerous clients in these sectors, with some of them being in rural locations where there is no mains gas supply. The conventional alternatives of oil and LPG for hot water, heating and cooking provision are expensive and polluting, so we provide energy for care homes and install energy efficient technology.

Even in the case where mains gas and electricity are both supplied, there is better energy for healthcare in conventional and renewable technologies which provide significant savings in fuel costs, tax allowances and long-term passive income from schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

IU lowered our energy costs in this very difficult period”

Liz Waters

Waters Park House Acquired Brain Injury Centre

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies for projects we have been carried out in the care industry.

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