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energy for education - schools, colleges and universities

Solar panels for schools – IU Energy saves a number of schools, colleges and universities significant amounts of money through installing appropriate energy efficient and renewable technologies.

We also have expertise in assisting with Salix funding – Salix provides interest-free Government funding to the public sector to improve its energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills, providing that the resulting cost savings pay for the loan within an eight-year period.

All educational establishments are pushed to make the most of their resources, while providing a solid education for students. Being energy efficient saves money, so is an excellent way to release funds for curricular resources or facilities. With Education budgets being constantly pressed, it’s essential that scarce funding is not wasted on inefficient use of energy.  

In addition to the economic benefits of solar panels for schools and other measures such as energy efficient LED lighting, there are social and environmental advantages to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, such as preserving fossil fuels and minimising impact on the environment. This is increasingly important to the reputation of schools, as students, teachers and parents become increasingly aware of climate change and the impact of their carbon emissions.

We have also provided services in the form of energy brokerage to many educational establishments, both in isolation and in combination with the installation of energy efficient and renewable technologies.

Student ‘Environment Clubs’

Actions taken to become energy efficient and reducing energy consumption provide an excellent opportunity for practical learning and real-life application for students. Student ‘Environmental Clubs’ for example, are enthusiastically attended by their students and set a great example for young people seeing their own educational establishment investing in their futures.

IU Energy presents to these groups, especially after we’ve installed Solar Panels for schools and curiosity is at a high.

“The lighting is exactly what we had hoped for and IU Energy’s support with the Salix funding application was invaluable. We are very pleased with the savings achieved as the extra money will go towards improving the school and investing in further measures to increase sustainability.

We enjoyed working with IU Energy and found them helpful, professional, efficient and willing to go the extra mile. We would definitely recommend IU Energy to other organisations looking for guidance on finance options and how to make energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint.”

Karen Allen

Business Manager

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies for projects we have carried out in Education.

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