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Sports and Health Clubs

Plymouth Argyle

With substantial but sometimes intermittent   energy usage, plus occasionally, health and sports clubs can be ideally placed to save money from fixed energy deals. In the case of larger stadia, they can also take advantage of substantial savings from Solar PV as their roof spaces are ideal sites for  – this still being a wise option even after the end of the Feed-in-Tariff. LED lighting can also make a very big difference for both floodlighting and public areas.

If you’re a small facility, every penny saved on energy can go towards fan experience, ground upkeep, equipment and safety etc. If you’re a big concern, the savings and incomes are potentially much greater, with energy cost savings from renewables easily exceeding £400,000 over twenty years.

Even without renewables, providing efficiently generated hot water from modern condensing boilers can save sizeable amounts of money.

“We are very pleased to team up with IU Energy once again in a mutually supportive arrangement, which enables them to improve our energy performance…”

Chief Executive, Plymouth Argyle

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