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Large scale solar panels for SW Construction industry

Sustainability in architecture is now a must have. Working with a local, proven, reliable subcontractor to design and install large scale solar panels on your construction site is another.

With this in mind, how does an award-winning company with an 18-year track record sound?

Generally speaking, IU Energy partners with the main contractor to provide renewable energy solutions in Construction. Specifically, the projects we undertake are for new as well as retrofit developments.

New build example

As an illustration of sustainability in architecture on a new build project with large scale solar panels, a recent example is the Phase 2 expansion of Plymouth City Council’s Langage Business Park.

In this case, working under Ryearch and MEP Systems, IU Energy designed, installed and commissioned six Solar PV systems onto new build units. Equally important was the timing of the installations. In particular, we had to co-ordinate together with Ryearch and MEP’s schedule.

Redevelopment example

As can be seen with Plymouth Argyle’s new multi-million £ Grandstand, IU Energy installed 58.85kW of Solar PV panels. The centre section of the array spells out the locally famous initials, ‘PAFC’, a design suggestion made by IU Energy’s consulting team. another great example of sustainability in architecture, built in at planning stage.

Overall, we collaborated with at least six involved parties –

  • The main contractor’s Project Manager
  • Sub-contracted electricians
  • Crane hirers
  • Supply chains (to co-ordinate deliveries)
  • Scaffolders
  • Roofers 

Notably, many of the trades and services were on-site simultaneously.

The role of Local Authorities – renewable resources in planning and construction

IU Energy frequently works closely with Local Authorities. Notably, renewable energy in construction for both new and retrofit developments is where combating climate change has a significant effect and where sustainability in architecture is required for PP. 

In essence, local planning systems are an effective tool to legislate and encourage effective climate change measures. This includes specifying large scale solar panels and other renewable and efficient technology in the design of every new eco friendly building.

Local planning authorities, therefore, play a crucial role in tackling energy efficiency and climate change through encouraging green building.  

IU Energy’s eighteen-year track record

In contrast to others, IU Energy has an in-house design and installation team. This team is well-used to working on sustainable construction projects for the main contractor.

In other words, we control quality, very effectively – a point often overlooked with subcontractors. Not only has this led to our exemplary track record with sustainability in architecture, but our trading history of 18 years has ensured an abundance of testimonials and case studies.

Equally important is our string of recognised awards and accreditations. These are for customer service and the design and installation of renewable energy technology in buildings; from new build to retrofit.

For renewable resources in construction, our new build and retrofit technology examples include –

  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Biomass Boilers
  • CHP
  • Heat Pumps
  • LED lighting
  • Battery storage 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Energiesprong / ZEBCat retrofit

Please contact us to discuss your sustainable building requirements.

“We are very impressed. Not only was this extensive project delivered without drama, it’s already delivering the £45,000 a year for 20 years as promised.”

Carl Payne

Dartmeet Developments

Case Studies

Below are case studies for projects we have conducted in the Construction energy sector, including some large solar energy construction and ESOS projects.

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