Siemens Finance – Funding options increased for clients

Following a rigorous inspection process we can now offer the Energy Efficiency Finance Scheme to our clients.  Provided by The Carbon Trust and Siemens, the scheme has attractive options such as finance lease and lease purchase – all funded by your savings.

Investing in energy efficient equipment makes business sense. With our Energy Efficiency Finance, energy efficiency or energy generation projects are now within your reach:

1. The finance can cover both labour and machinery – so if you’re thinking about your next project you would be able to bundle permanent monitoring, consultancy and the identified energy solutions (s) together

2. Both finance lease and lease purchase are available to you

3. Energy generation (e.g. Solar PV, Wind Turbine) projects can be financed over 7 years

4. Energy efficiency projects (e.g. Heating and Lighting) can be financed over 5 years

“The scheme is great news for clients who have traditionally looked to fund generation and efficiency projects from capital expenditure,” said Duncan Banks CEO at IU Energy.  He continued: “If you are serious about reducing business costs a funded option makes complete sense.”

If you’d like to find out more feel free to give us a call.  For further background on the scheme please visit