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Case Study

St Luke's Hospice uses new and efficient gas boilers

St Luke’s Hospice

  • Gas boilers
  • Increased system efficiency by 40% for St Luke’s Hospice

The Client

In the first place, we’re very proud to support one of Devon’s best-loved charities, St Luke’s Hospice. Moreover, through working with St Luke’s as a sponsor, we know they face the annual challenge of raising millions of pounds. In fact, this is the main way they fund their highly respected end of life care services.

Needless to say, we were keen to support them again when they needed to replace their existing gas boilers and improve heating efficiency across their main site.

The Challenge

Specifically, the existing gas boilers at St Luke’s Hospice were installed when the original building was constructed in 1988. All in all, successive extensions and additions over the years meant not only did the gas boilers require updating, but also the entire plant room equipment.

  • The existing gas boilers were inefficient. The flue stacks continuously vented heat because of poor hydraulic design and controls
  • The Building Management System was outdated, and some controls were no longer operational
  • Maintenance costs for the existing gas boilers were starting to escalate as the boilers approached the end of their service life

It’s important to realise that due to continual operation of the care facility, the installation timescale was very tight. In particular, minimal disruption to patients was therefore essential.

The Solution

After careful consideration of the options available to St Luke’s Hospice, our consultant engineers specified the following solution. Significantly, we designed, this solution to increase system efficiency and reduce costs –

  • Installation of 3 condensing gas boilers, each with different output. Boilers of different heat outputs provide heat output variation of 21-465kW
  • Installation of multiple boilers to ensure backup, thus increasing security of heat supply
  • Installation of an accumulator tank to reduce boiler cycling. To clarify, this increases boiler lifespan and reduces gas consumption
  • Reconfiguring pipework to allow individual time and temperature control to each zone of the heating system. This increases comfort and only heats rooms as required
  • Removing existing BMS and installing Minibems for monitoring and controlling the heating system.
  • Reducing energy costs because of increased boiler combustion efficiency, system temperature demand management. Additionally, outside weather compensation and variable speed pump controls contribute to this.
  • Renegotiating the utility supply contracts to reflect the expected demand reduction for both gas and electricity

The Results

In short, delivery of the entire system was on-time, within budget –

  • Increased system efficiency reduced gas consumption to 40% of original demand
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased heat supply security
  • 24hr monitoring system gives early warning of any problems via email
  • New utility contracts saved £3,500 per annum in addition to the reduced gas consumption
  • Total cost benefit over twenty years £1,418,161
  • Total annual cost benefit – £70,908
  • System Payback – 4.3 years

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