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Case Study

St Paul's Cathedral uses green energy for sustainability

St Paul's Cathedral

  • Green energy brokerage
  • Yearly electricity consumption - £190,000
  • Fixed 3 year contract

The Client

Green energy in action. For more than 1,400 years, a Cathedral dedicated to St Paul has stood at the City of London’s highest point.

Frequently at the centre of national events, both traditions and radical ideas have found expression under the iconic dome. Often, these events have left some physical record as well as echoes in the intangible memory of the building.

Notably, the present Cathedral, the masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, Britain’s most famous architect, is at least the fourth to have stood on the site. In fact, this incarnation came about between 1675 and 1710, after the Great Fire of London destroyed its predecessor. Services began in 1697.

The Challenge

The forecast trend of grid electricity pricing is upwards. For St Paul’s Cathedral, the first thing to remember is that it’s better for them not to spend funds on energy. Far better that they go on upkeep and improving visitor experience. To emphasise, with an annual spend on electricity of over £190,000, just a slight percentage difference between providers can save thousands of pounds.

For this reason, nearing the end of their previous energy contract, the Cathedral custodians believed that there were better fixed rate deals available. Their foresight sought to protect them from market volatility over the next few years.

Therefore, St Paul’s asked IU Energy to investigate the energy market and source the right provider for them. They trusted us not hide any of the charges which can distort the true cost of energy. Additionally, to meet their aims for sustainability, the requirement needed to be fulfilled by green energy alone.

The Solution

IU Energy is fully independent of any energy provider, be it electricity or gas. This means we have no stake in making any one supplier look good to the detriment of our clients. Significantly, our only interest is in securing the most advantageous deals.

Furthermore, with a 17-year track record, we have an unrivalled network of energy and renewable energy suppliers with whom we have a track record. Also, we are multiple award winners, including the TELCA awards ‘UK Energy Consultancy, 2018/2019’. Many of these suppliers therefore hold us in high regard. Generally speaking, this helps us to get quick answers and the right solutions.

The Results

In conclusion, having used our extensive relationships in the green energy market, we were able to present a choice of 100% renewable energy options to St Paul’s. Fixed for three years, the best option we found was more competitive than their existing broker’s offer.

Additionally, we dealt with all the contract processing administration with the supplier. St Paul’s can now relax for the next few years, secure in the knowledge that we found them the best green electricity deal available in the UK.

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