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Case Study

St Stephen's School

  • Solar PV
  • Salix funding
  • Year 1 total earnings and savings £2,544.93
  • Estimated annual savings on electricty bill £1,467.86
  • Total benefit over 20 years £50,898.69

The Client

St Stephen’s is a Community Primary School which represents its local area extremely well. They are passionate about providing an engaging and creative educational environment which strives for excellence.

The school ensures pupils are very active and the beautiful grounds allow outdoor education to be a feature of how they deliver the curriculum. They celebrate their heritage whilst also using technology widely to prepare children for success in an ever-changing technological world.

The Challenge

St Stephen’s School Solar requirement is about embracing sustainability. The school began looking at energy saving measures across the site and were keen to install a Solar PV array towards this end. They also wanted to take advantage of Salix funding – Salix provides interest-free Government funding to the public sector to improve its energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills, providing that the resulting cost savings pay for the loan within an eight-year period. Solar PV is one of the technologies supported by Salix.

IU Energy was asked to provide Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array within these Salix guidelines.

As a final condition, the installation had to be carried out during the Easter school holiday period to minimise disruption to daily life. This also ensured that students were off site whilst scaffolding was present and our team of highly skilled installers were carrying out work.

The Solution

IU Energy conducted an in-depth technical site survey and determined that there was sufficient roof area for a 15.72kW Solar PV system on the main South-Western roof spaces of the school.

This moreorless covered the entire front roof space. Cabling was run within the roof spaces and above suspended ceilings of the classrooms to provide minimal visual intrusion to this attractive old building.

IU Energy also assisted with the application for the Feed in Tariff, (FiT), filling in application forms as required.

The Results

St Stephen’s School Solar has achieved their goals for energy efficiency, cost saving and funding.

Additionally, the school invited IU Energy back to present to their ‘Environmental Club’ to explain to their young students what we had done and what it means for the environment.

  • Yr 1 earnings from FIT (£)† £670.65
  • Estimated annual savings on electricity bill £1,467.86
  • Annual earnings on export tariff £406.43
  • Yr 1 total earnings and savings† £2,544.93
  • Total benefit over 20 years £50,898.69

† FIT payments are linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI), so earnings will rise to keep pace with inflation.

The overall figure represents a 13.44% ROI.

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