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Utility Cost Recovery

Telecoms, Electricity and Gas Cost Recovery and Optimisation

IU Energy and Professional Cost Management Group (PCMG) have 27 years of utility cost recovery experience and 45 years experience of the industry itself.

IU Energy and Professional Cost Management Group (PCMG) are both part of the UK’s largest and only publicly-quoted energy consultancy, Inspired Energy PLC Group (LON: INSE).


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Over £450m recovered for clients to date

We have worked with over half the FTSE 100

Our commitment

Our commitment is to deliver a clean bill of financial health for all our clients – working with us will leave you safe in the knowledge that your organisation is as fit, lean and strong as it possibly can be.

We will maximise your organisation’s liquidity by applying highly specialist expertise to reduce your operating costs and improve performance in the areas of utility cost recovery in Energy and Telecoms.

Utility cost recovery at zero risk

  • Our fee basis ensures that you only pay when you benefit from our recommendations via refunds, credits or savings.
  • The resource requirement from your team is minimal.
  • We fully manage the data collation, analysis and claim negotiation with your DNOs / Suppliers / Data Collectors.

Already had a utility cost recovery Consultancy in?

Even if you have already achieved recoveries with another consultancy, we may be able to recover more. Here’s a statistic that may surprise you –

84% of all our utility cost recovery successes are from ‘2nd or 3rd pass’ audits

Take a look at the table below –


Building Products Manufacturer (1st Consultant, Entech)

Our additional value


Department Store Chain (1st Consultant, Inenco)


Electronics Retailer (1st Consultant, Accenture/EnergyQuote JHA)


Food Manufacturer (1st Consultant, Consultus)


Food Processing Manufacturer (1st Consultant, Inenco)


NHS Trust (1st Consultant, Schneider)


Telecoms – our service

We boast a delivery team with a total of 275 years of specialist Telecoms experience, including billing analysts, software developers, regulatory experts and ex-BT engineers, with an unrivalled knowledge of UK Telecoms networks.

We maintain the most extensive proprietary database of telecoms pricing in the industry, updated daily for the past fifteen years. This allows straightforward benchmarking of your data to quickly identify errors.

  • Audit of historical and current Fixed, Mobile and Data/WAN Telecoms billing data.
  • Identification of cost recovery and ongoing savings opportunities.
  • All telecoms suppliers to be included unless specified /agreed to be ring-fenced/out of scope.
  • We will analyse all billing data, line by line, using a combination of expert auditors, and proprietary analysis software.
  • Errors we will check for will include incorrect unit pricing, duplicated billing, charges for services not provided, charges after date of cessation and charges for unused or redundant services.

In Detail

  • Contract compliance: We will check pricing, discounts and invoice validity against master service agreements held with your Telecoms Supplier(s). Costs are checked down to level of individual calls and lines.
  • Tariff Compliance: Where relevant we will check pricing, discounts and invoice validity against published and bespoke tariffs /contracts with Telecoms Supplier(s).
  • Inventory Checking: we will check the charges levied to your organisation against the physical infrastructure in situ at your sites. In some cases site visits (visual inspections only) may be required to identify or collate evidence for cost recovery andsavings claims.


Utility cost recovery process icons
  1. Data Collation: We obtain billing and contract data from you and from your suppliers on your behalf and loadit into our proprietary analysis systems.
  2. Analysis: We analyse every line of data for billing / set up errors, other cost recovery and ongoing savings
  3. Cost Recovery / Savings: All recommendations are submitted for your approval. We will deal directly with your suppliers if you require services.

Electricity & Gas – our service

  • Audit of historical and current Electricity & Gas billing data.
  • Identification of cost recovery opportunities, ongoing savings and undercharges.
  • Recoveries of overcharges from suppliers and other third parties.
  • Scope covers “behind the bill” supply chain errors i.e. errors by distribution and transportation companies. These are broken down below.


  • Commodity (Energy Rates, Flexible Reconciliations, Imbalance).
  • Recoveries of overcharges from suppliers and other third parties.
  • Metered consumption.
  • DUoS (Distribution Use of System) Available.
  • Capacity, Red Units, Amber Units, Green Units, Standing
  • Charge, Reactive Power.
  • TNUoS (Transmission Network Use of System).
  • BSUoS (Balancing Services Use of System).
  • Taxes and Levies (Climate Change Levy, Renewables
  • Obligation, Feed in Tariff, PSO Levy, Carbon Tax).
  • Data Collection / Data Aggregation.
  • MOp (Meter Operator) Charges.


  • Commodity.
  • Metered consumption.
  • AQ / SOQ.
  • Correction Factor.
  • Calorific Value.
  • Transportation (LDZ / NTS).
  • Metering.
  • Shrinkage.
  • Taxes & Levies (Climate Change, Levy, Carbon Tax).


Utility cost recovery process icons
  1. Data Collation: We obtain data from suppliers / 3rd parties on your behalf and load it into our proprietary analysis systems.

  2. Analysis: We analyse every supply point for billing / set up errors and other cost recovery opportunities.

  3. Cost Recovery: We produce, submit (with your approval) and agree claims directly with suppliers / 3rd parties.

“Their specialist Telecoms Cost Recovery expertise is second to none. Their findings have enabled us to further drive down our costs, and complemented our in house cost recovery processes. We see them as an extension of our team, bringing value and expertise that would otherwise be unavailable.”

Mike Wardell

“They have consistently delivered worthwhile cost recoveries and savings for NWL. They complement our internal activities, requiring minimal resource from us and regularly alerting us to new saving opportunities. In addition to this, we have been able learn a lot from them, that we have then been able to apply to improve our own bill validation process.”

Steve Crake

“They are the only Energy Cost consultant with an in depth knowledge and active involvement in electricity network policy.”

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Case Study

Below is a representative case study for a project we conducted in an engineering firm.

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